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I typically choose to use my debit card when I'm buying something, in the interest of saving that business a few cents.  However, shady looking messages like the one below don't sit well with me.  Asking "is this a debit card" is a bs question intended to get more debit out of users instead of credit.

In those cases, I'll say "no" and make them pay the fees.  Ultimately, though, it's probably like those annoying pop-ups on websites to sign up for their newsletter -- irritating, but effective.
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Pop ups are very effective. I don't like them, but they work.
Most retailers ask that question. The majority of the time the cashier hits credit before you swipe. The reason is how the transaction is processed and what fee the retailer must pay for that transaction. The Feds put a cap on the retail processing fee between merchant and bank/credit union last year. To make up lost revenue banks discontinue free checking accounts.  
A lot of businesses where I live still charge a little extra for any electronic payment. It's pretty terrible. 
It's also a pain when you see one price for gas by the road and pull up to the pump and realize that's for cash only. 
+Mickey Mellen When you use debit cards at the pump (specifically) often times the pump will get a pre-auth for like $100 which holds that hundred for up to 24 hours.... even if you only pump twenty bucks and move on.  "Unintended consequences."  If your bank whacks your account for overdrafts, using the card as debit could get expensive depending on your balance and spending habits.  Just sayin'.
I always say no. I ALWAYS use my checkcard as if it were a charge card.
I would always pay everything on card if possible. Makes it easier to keep track of my spending with everything being logged. 
I would never use my card as a debit to pay for gas a) gas pumps are notoriously insecure and b) I would rather have Visa insurance. Once someone gets your card details and you pin they could wipe you out and it may take months to get the money back, if you ever do.
I always say NO ! It is their credit that make them pay the higher fews.
A lot of gas stations my way are starting to pass the credit card fee and then some onto the customers. They are charging an extra 10 cent a gallon in some cases which forces you to chose the debit option.
Same issue in Argentina. Gas stations don´t accept credit cards! Only debit for that reason I guess.
If I don't get discount for using debit, I always use credit. My debit card pays me 1% - 5% when I use it as credit at POS.
Given that the only protection you have on Debit Card fraud is the goodwill of the bank (their "policies" are subject to change) I NEVER use and do not possess a Debit Card.  Credit Cards are protected BY LAW against any loss over $50.  Oh even if the bank is of good will it can take more than 6 weeks to recover your money/accounts/credit line.  I watched a woman who had all her resources in one bank be cleaned out and have to ask friends for rent money while the bank "sorted it out"  No way for me!
LOL There is security reasons why they ask if it's a debit or credit card when you pay at the pump. Generally has nothing to do with the merchant paying more on credit transactions. Learn to research things before making assumptions.
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