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Harsh article, but not much to argue with in there...
Ralf Rottmann is CTO and co-founder of Grandcentrix, the largest mobile app developer in Germany. He's also a hardcore Apple fanboy who has a house full of Apple products and more than 8,000 songs purchased on the iTunes store. He's tried out every big Android phone and found each one wanting. But suddenly things have changed. He just got a Nexus 4, the flagship Android phone made by LG and running Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android. And s...
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On a device-by-device basis this might be true (particularly for the Nexus line); however from a platform perspective those end users that don't purchase a Nexus device are still suffering, and it's gonna take some very slick governance or impressive technical solutions from Google to stop this from happening.
There's also this persistent myth the iPhone has some kind of lead. It doesn't. Not in terms of market share, not in terms of engineering, not in terms of design, not in terms of software, not in terms of maps, not in terms of voice recognition, not in terms of performance. In almost every way, the iPhone has been smoked.

+Reece Wagner If you're talking about the whole experience of owning an Android device versus an iOS device, you have a point. There are many crappy Android devices out there. However, I think this comparison is purely of OS.
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