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I saw this in my neighborhood and it stuck me as odd.  There is no pamphlet, no website, no QR code.  As far as I can tell, there is no way to get any information about this house unless you call or text, after which you'll likely be hounded by calls from the agent since they'll then have your phone number.

I don't tend to pay much attention to this kind of thing, but it seems awfully short-sighted -- no info about the house unless you give up some personal information first.  Is this becoming more common, or is it just one bad agent/company?
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I think this would discourage other agents from spamming these agents phone.
There are a lot of these signs popping up in the morningside lenox neighborhood
Looks like a good opportunity for someone who offers local marketing services. This is a person that needs help.
You would be amazed at the number of Realtors who don't use technology.  They check their email once every day or three, their email address is @hotmail or @aol, they have no website.  They are mostly in their upper 50's or above. 

Inversely, you would be amazed at the number of people selling their homes who don't use technology.  They also have lame email addresses (if they use email at all) and are mostly in their upper 50's or above.

It's actually a match made in inefficiency heaven.
+Michael Miller No way!  I don't want to get on their list. :)

+Jim Schwarzbach True, but the technology behind the texting thing is probably fairly slick.  It feels to me more like a "we need to capture every lead" mentality, resulting in less info for the people walking down the street.

It reminds me a bit of how +Ali Green used Facebook and a custom website to help sell her house VERY quickly.  It was a lot of work to get all of the photos and set up the site, but it resulted in a very quick sale and massive savings on realtor fees:
It is only in the past few years that realtor sites gave out address/map info in their listings with homes one is interested in seeing. Before, they would describe the house being in a certain area. You HAD to call them for that info.
So what you are presenting has not been my experience in the last 5 years, and seems so 'odd.'
+Douglas Jenkins Yes, but typically you'd find an "info sheet" near the signs with more details, a few photos, etc.  Those are going away in lieu of digital alternatives, which is fine, but this example gives me nothing.  Looking at the sign I can't see price, bedrooms, photos, etc.  Even if I call/text, there still won't be any pics.  Just seems lazy.  That particular house has been for sale for months, so you'd think they'd be working harder to sell it.
Yes, this particular one is more a step backwards, than doing it the old way. I totally agree about fearing giving away your information to gain a little of theirs!
Well, for grins I texted "1182" to 770-573-1772.  The response was "Multiple property results.  Click here for results list or reply with full Address."  The link took me to a page with six houses, each house was at 1182 Something street/road/drive.  Pretty lame, IMHO.
Just to follow up, five days later and no return calls or texts.  I wouldn't have minded a polite text with an apology for not giving me the right house and asking me to call if I was still interested.  I would be unhappy if a human (or worse, a robot) called.
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