Fun email exchange between me and some random Comcast reseller.  Note: All of us at +Green Mellen Media work from our homes and we have no "office".  Plus, as you may have seen before, I really hate companies that try to fake things -- fake signatures, fake relationships, or (as you'll see below) fake reasons to do business with them.

Comcast: I am your local rep and I am doing some work in your building. Our offers can save you 25-35% a month phone, internet and TV and increase your internet speed 5-50 times faster. I am happy to come meet with you to discuss options for you business. Let me know if you have any interest.

Clearly this is bs.  He's not in my building, since we don't have one. However, it was (seemingly) a local guy with his own email/phone, not a faceless Comcast address, so I thought I'd dig in a bit.

Me: Please don't lie to me.  I know you're not doing work in our building.  That's just not a good way to try to start a business relationship...

Perhaps a bit harsh on my part, admittedly.

Comcast: Actually, accusing someone of lying is not a good way to start a business relationship.  If that is what you think or presume have a wonderful weekend…

Me: Well, you said "I am doing some work in your building", which is patently false.  I guess "lie" might be an over-statement, but it was clearly inaccurate.

Comcast: Take it however you would like.  I am working in your building with some other businesses on bringing service to the building.  If you are interested let me know.

Me: What are you talking about?  We're virtual.  If there are other businesses working from my basement or something, I really need to know about that.

Comcast: Oh, sorry about that.

In other words, "Oh, busted, I'm out"


Maybe they're legitimately working in a building in which they thought we were located, but I really doubt it.  I've asked them where they got the information that led them to believe we were in any kind of building and they've yet to respond.

I've long considered Comcast and Verizon to be "necessary evils" in my life.  I don't particularly care for either company, but they offer the very best product in areas that are quite important to us.  That's not changed, and I'm sure I'll pay both of them many thousands of dollars in 2013, but I still don't have to like them. :)
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