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I was just helping a client move their WordPress site away from an "internet marketing solution" company to something they could control themselves. The company sent me the files, but not the database dump. When requesting that, it led to a surreal conversation:

Them: "WordPress doesn't have a database".

Me: Yes, actually, it does.

Them: "No, it never does."

Me: Yes, really, it does.

Them: "Well, this one is a simple WordPress site. Those don't need a database".

Me: Yes, it still has one.  I promise.  Do you have access to a control panel of any kind?  Maybe cPanel or Plesk?  Something we could get to phpMyAdmin through?

Them: "No, can't you just get the database through Front Page?  That's what we use."

Eventually they called around and found someone that could help.  At least it ended well, but that's 30 minutes I'm never getting back...
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Front Page? Clearly you are dealing with real pros.
That is when I ask for a login to their hosting solution and do things myself.
That is when I get on my hands and knees and pray to the deity above for deliverance. I hate being a nerd sometimes my friends will ask me to do stuff that I am like um woah woah woah you need a professional for that...I merely dabble!
+Daniel Cook They weren't willing to do that, which I can understand.  It's all through one big Network Solutions hosting account (red flag right there) so giving me access to one site would give me access to all.

It was still odd the way they insisted that WP doesn't need a database.  "Whenever we move WordPress sites, we just move the files and it all works".  Very strange...
Just helping them move their site away from the company above to a shared hosting plan that they can control.  Not a big deal, but it turned out to be rather interesting. :)
sounds very typical of marketing droids.
you should name them, so others know who to stay away from!
+Andrew Leahy there are too many to name but naming the type, I believe, is more useful.
+Andrew Leahy I often name companies like this, but since it's on behalf of a client I don't want to risk making anyone mad.
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