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Playing with the new "photo sphere" feature in Android 4.2.  Pretty cool!
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can these only be shared on google+ ? What if I want to show a friend who isnt a pluser?
Ed Clem
Love it. Can't wait to get a device with this.
+Michael Jones Not sure.  For me, I simply made it "public" so that anyone can use it.  My wife shared it on her FB page, even though she doesn't use Plus.

+Ed Clem It's slick, but needs a wide open space (like my backyard).  Interior shots are a disaster, with half-doors and crazy things popping up.  I expect it'll improve greatly over time.

FWIW, this is on my Galaxy Nexus running 4.1, but with the 4.2 Gapps installed.
Where can I find 4.2 Gapps, I am on a rooted Gnex
This is really great technology.  So much better than panorama
Ed Clem
For now they will only view properly on g+, so others will have to follow a link here to see photo sphere shots.
anything else new other then photsphere?
Newer Gmail (pinch to zoom) and a few other goodies, but that's the main one.
also is the new slide keyboard in there?
I don't think so -- I flashed it separately just to make sure I still had it.
if its not in gapps, do you have a link for that also? 
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