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Here's a new goodie I noticed from Google Now.  It's showing me that Lee Brice is playing a concert in town because it's a "concert by artist that you've watched on YouTube".

Creepy, yet kinda cool...
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My daughter watches lots of cartoons on my laptop. I expect Google now to send me updates about Mickey's activities :)
+Mickey Mellen I like that it remembers, but like you, am a little creeped out it knows that much about me.  I guess I should not be surprised.
+Dan Boabes that is an interesting topic. Netflix has a hard time making suggestions based of 3 different types of viewing. While I know it is not in the best interest of the manufacture, allowing profiles would be a nice new feature on the mobile devices. 
+Frank Brunke The latest version of Android finally does allow profiles.  The problem is that if a user is under 13, they technically aren't allowed to have their own Google account so they end up using their parents account anyhow...
Totally off-topic, but where does Android get its weather data? Officially its only 25 right now.
+Kelvin Williams Good question, not sure.  It's worth noting that this screenshot was from last night, so that's not what it's reporting the current temp at (it's showing 22 on my phone right now).
I assumed today because my phone is showing 35 too. 
Up till now I thought that Google Now crawls search history and Gmail, YouTube would be a reasonable third source of data, especially for everything related to music/entertainment and especially if watch time is regarded. 
+Martin Lüdicke Realize, of course, that it's also looking at your GPS, Calendar, Google+ Circles and probably a lot more.
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