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Wow, +Contactually is blowing me away

A few days ago I shared my struggle to find a suitable CRM.  It wasn't even the full CRM experience that I was looking for, but mostly the follow-up reminders. was pretty good, but seems to be a dead product (no blogs, tweets, etc for almost a year).  I found a few others, but quickly went to their twitter/blog to see how active they were and most were completely dormant.

I somehow stumbled across Contactually and I'm floored.  The product is very solid, but the support behind it is amazing.

Before I joined, I checked out their Twitter feed.  "last updated 6 minutes ago".  Nice.

I signed up and had some issues, so I did a live chat.  Question solved.

I had a few more questions, so I emailed them.  Got an answer the next day, along with a phone call to go into more detail and see what else could help with.  Wow!  This is a $20/month product (and I'm just using the free trial for now), so I was shocked.

It's not perfect (no automatic birthday or new job reminders yet), but it's quite solid and is exactly what I was looking for.  I highly recommend you check them out.
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Thanks for the update on what you settled on. We'll have to check them out. 
Hey Mickey (sorry for the name mixup earlier) -

I'm so glad to hear you like what you see on our site, and our team has been able to answer all your questions! :)

Feel free to contact me or the rest of the team directly if you have any more feedback or questions.  Btw, concerning automatic birthday and job reminders, that's coming really soon -- expect it by the spring.

Take care
+Tevya Washburn - my bad.  That's apparently an amalgamation of Tevya + Mickey?  I guess I shouldn't post on social media on only four hours of sleep. :)

Thanks again MICKEY!!!
You're welcome +Tony Cappaert!  I'm quickly becoming a very big fan of your product.  I think I have a good handle on things, but I'm hoping to attend the webinar tomorrow to fill in any gaps in my experience.
Haha. That's what I kinda figured. Just had to give you a hard time. 
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