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Two questions:

1 -- I received a Hangouts message, but was unable to tap it until I stopped the car (0 mph). Is that a feature? I'd like to be able to tap and use my voice to respond.

2 -- I'd like to set Automate to be my launcher when I'm in the car, but I don't know how to set "Car Mode" on my phone (Droid Turbo 2, essentially a Moto X). Does the moto "Driving" mode do the trick, or is it something else?

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1- no, this shouldn't happen. You can reply to it if you tap the notification, or the voice button.

2- You should be able to manually start car mode with this app:
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Mickey Mellen

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My new Moto 360 was supposed to arrive today, but it's been delayed a few days. Sad, but it'll be here soon!
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nice watch
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Mickey Mellen

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In reading about the new iPhone 6s coming out, I found it odd that it has a smaller battery than the iPhone 6 did. Given that battery life issues are one of the top concerns for iPhone users, this seemed very strange.

I did the math, and the battery size on the iPhone 6 (1810 mAh), plus the battery of the iPhone 6s (1715 mAh), plus the battery of the Apple Watch (205 mAh) still doesn't equal the battery on my phone (Droid Turbo, 3900 mAh). Battery life isn't all about battery size, but that's certainly a major part of it.

My tradeoff, of course, is that my phone is a bit thicker by a whopping 3.7mm. I'll take it. The problem with iPhones in this regard is that Jony Ive, the Chief Design Officer at Apple, has made it very clear that battery life is not a top concern. His feeling is that if the phones were a bit thicker to accommodate a larger battery, users would find it less "compelling". My anecdotal evidence against that is Wednesday nights helping in the sound booth for the middle schoolers, and how it's lined with iPhones that need to be plugged in because they couldn't make it through a single day...

They seem to be doing the same with the Apple Watch. They only put a 205 mAh battery in it to help keep it thin, but as a result the screen can't stay on and you need to turn your wrist in order to activate it. Not a big deal, but an odd shortcoming for a watch. As a contrast, the new Moto 360 watch will have a 400 mAh battery. In this case the Apple Watch is 0.9mm thinner, but the Moto 360 is arguable a much better looking watch anyhow, and it has double the battery! -- Photo:

I expect this problem will be solved in the coming years as battery technology improves, but right now it's interesting. Would you allow your iPhone to be 3.7mm thicker if the battery would last twice as long? 
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Mickey Mellen

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I dug into the websites of the top 22 presidential candidates and here's what I found.

Solid sites, but certainly some things that could be improved. Who do you think made the worst mistake? Right now my vote is with Chris Christie and his auto-playing audio...
As you may know, we love WordPress and use it for the core of every site we build. We have our reasons for using it, but I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at the websites for some of the presidential hopefuls from both parties to see what technologies were behind them. We …
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Mickey Mellen

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I signed up for Digit last week, and finding it a pretty neat way to save a few dollars.

Even better, and likely not intended, is how easy it makes it to check my bank account balance and recent transactions. Pretty slick little service. Check it out.
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I don't think so. I believe it's just a single account in both directions.

However, Digit itself is an FDIC insured savings account so I don't expect they'll add that kind of feature in the future.
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Mickey Mellen

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A photosphere, a panorama, and an "auto-awesome" animation from our camping trip this weekend.
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Good work. I like the fire animation. Would make a good photo for a Blog post.
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Mickey Mellen

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I have a hard time believing it'll work as well as the gif below indicates, but it's a pretty neat idea.
Aria watch band to allow gesture controls on Android Wear and Pebble
In an effort to help you have better control of your watch without using your second hard, Aria is soon to be releasing a slick watch band attachment to let you using finger movements to control your watch.  Here’s a quick example: In the coming weeks they’ll be putting a few versions of their band …
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this wach style real?
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Mickey Mellen

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Why yes, I'd love to join in an "awful partnership" with you! :)
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I get these quite often. I wonder if they actually ever convince somebody to get scammed.
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Mickey Mellen

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It's about time...
iOS: We’re big fans of Google Keep, Google’s notes and to-do app, but have long lamented the lack of a dedicated app on iOS. Today, Google’s finally remedied that.
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Mickey Mellen

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Kicking off a great week in the mountains
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Mickey Mellen

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Playing at the pool
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Wow sounds good
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Mickey Mellen

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A panorama I shot today at Raven Cliff Falls in north Georgia, the end point in our ~5 mile out-and-back hike today.
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