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Michelle Erica Green
Find me in all the usual places, same bat-username.
Find me in all the usual places, same bat-username.

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Poem for Wednesday and Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde
Ash Wednesday By Louis Untermeyer (Vienna) I Shut out the light or let it filter through These frowning aisles as penitentially As though it walked in sackcloth. Let it be Laid at the feet of all that ever grew Twisted and false, like this rococo shrine Whe...

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Poem for Tuesday, Papal Palace, Lion, Start the Revolution
An Orchard At Avignon By Agnes Mary Frances Robinson The hills are white, but not with snow: They are as pale in summer time, For herb or grass may never grow Upon their slopes of lime. Within the circle of the hills A ring, all flowering in a round, An orc...

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Placeholder for the Oscars
is here and we are eating chocolate while watching the Academy Awards, which weren't as bad as they could have been (every time Hacksaw Ridge won something, I resented La La Land a little less, but oh, that did not make it easier to watch America's greatest...

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Poem for Sunday and Pont du Gard
A Roman Aqueduct By Oliver Wendell Holmes The sun-browned girl, whose limbs recline When noon her languid hand has laid Hot on the green flakes of the pine, Beneath its narrow disk of shade; As, through the flickering noontide glare, She gazes on the rainbo...

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Poem for Saturday and Arles Roman Sites
From Tanka Diary By Harryette Mullen The botanical garden is just as I remember, although it is certain that everything has changed since my last visit. How many hilarious questions these fuzzy fiddleheads are inquiring of spring will be answered as green f...

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Greetings from Home
We spent nearly all of Thursday traveling, though I did get plenty of exercise racing through Munich's massive airport after we took off thirty minutes late from Toulouse due to some sort of medical emergency with someone on our plane and had to go running ...

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Greetings from Toulouse
This is our last night in France, which makes me sad, though I also miss my cats and people at home so I will be glad to see them! Today I am exhausted not from staying up sightseeing but from hiking up to the Château de Montségur, where the Cathars made th...

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Greetings from Campagne-sur-Aude
We spent Tuesday in the land of the Cathars, beginning at the Cité de Carcassonne which was a center of the religion that was the target of the Albigensian Crusades. We toured the incredible restored walled city, which maintains some of the earliest Roman f...

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Greetings from Gaul, the Camargue and Carcassonne
Monday was a nearly perfect though extremely tiring day, starting with breakfast in Arles and visits to the Van Gogh and Roman sites we hadn't seen the day before, then lunch and a visit to the church at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, then a wonderful visit to t...

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Greetings from Avignon, Tarascon, and Arles
Sunday was a day of antiques -- walled cities, ancient structures, castles, churches, art. We started after breakfast by parking within the walls of old Avignon, where we toured the papal palace, which is pretty amazing; parts are in major disrepair after t...
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