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Now you don't need to guess where you need to go! Where to find a Pokemon? Here's where to start!
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anyone using a fast-cycling deck?
A level 6 in Arena 8? Woah! That’s unbelievable if you think, right? Here’s an F2P deck that helped this guy reach the highest Clash Royale Arena today!
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Yes but not me
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How do you feel when the Clash Royale algorithm pits you to someone 3 levels higher? :(
You are not alone as many other Clashers have faced almost impossible odds to overcome a match due to a difference in card levels. But nevertheless these matches can still be quite fun!
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I think it is more or less like the Champion Deck that was used in the Helsinki Tournament.
This powerful duo is paving their way again in higher arenas these days. How can they be so hard to counter?
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is it possible to use a low elixir deck in a higher Arena?
A low average elixir cost deck that consist of underrated cards combined to push and clear out arenas.
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LOL and yes there is watch Nick At Nyte random copy decks
cuz they are like 2.0-3.0 elixir...from what i remember
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What do you think of a Rocket + Fireball technique to spam opponents like Crazy?
The Rocket is a great spell card for destroying towers within the span of 3 minutes. Check out this defensive deck that revolves around Rocket as its main offensive card.
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that's not a good deck ,welcome to MobilGa to purchase Cheaper Gems to open more Epic Cards to have a better Decks
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Do you think there is really a secret algorithm that beats the hell out of us?
Ever been on a losing streak? There is an algorithm in the game to take advantage of!
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Ben N
Personally I just think that the more wins you get, the higher chance that at some point you'll go against someone pretty good...
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Sooo happy to see that the Giant is seeing some action lately!
The Giant + Hog Rider is gaining popularity, again! Here’s another awesome deck for this perfect duo with the stinky Poison Spell!
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So who is fond of the Royal Giant lately?
We created another deck for those who have a Royal Giant already. Check out this defensive deck that revolves around it.
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Good deck building guide to create a balanced deck?
Are you constantly defeated at Clash Royale? Maybe it is time to re-examine your deck!
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How likely are we gonna see a Balloon in higher arenas?
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I also like the Giant!! He shared very interesting ways to counter the Bomb Tower and Valks.
This regular guy-turned Clash Royale celebrity did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. If there's one guy we can seek for advice, it should be from the Champion himself.
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Nintendo fanboy, but working at some startup trying to change the world. Fun
I like to change the world, that's why I'm working at a startup company. It sounds so cool but it's still work, and fun.

I am a Nintendo gamer. I mainly play on handhelds as I am not at home MOST of the time. I prefer JRPGs, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, and some Final Fantasy.

I hate Call of Duty and I think those kinds of games are violent (just my opinion, not yours).

I do like Anime and Japanese culture as a whole. I want to live in Japan, and get married beneath the Gundam statue.

Bragging rights
played every Ace Attorney game, has a gaming website, got retweeted by Junichi Masuda.
SEO specialist
pretty much about search engine optimization, analysis, and writing
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