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The first thing in Roofing 101 in Florida is to hire the right roofing company.

Only choose a reputable licensed roof contractor to replace the roof. They will have the necessary licenses, general liability and workers compensation on employees required by Florida law. Roofing is a very risky business and home-owners need to protect themselves against accidents that may occur on the job, their home and from unscrupulous contractors.
All reputable roof contractors will acquire the roof permit and never ask a homeowner to do so. They will gladly provide proof of insurance, licenses and testimonials if need be. Homeowners should protect themselves from the fly-by-night roof contractor. Observe the individual who provides the roof estimate, notice their manners, dress, language or the quality of their vehicle (junky, has magnetic signs, looks unprofessional). All of these can provide a homeowner clues as to the reputation of the contractor. Don’t ignore your first instincts, if you have reservations then don’t use their services. However if they are courteous, polite, dress well and yes even smell well, have vehicle that is decent with lettering describing who they are, have referrals and if they are informative and obliging then by all means consider their roof proposal. Once a roof contractor is chosen the following roofing 101 is to be expected in state of Florida.
Roofing in Florida is unique due to its exposure to hurricanes each year. Building codes are more stringent requiring additional inspections not required by other states.

Typical inspections are;
Wood decking nailed to code.
Dry-in of underlayment.
Final roof inspection.
If either of these fail to meet local or state building codes by the inspector they will need to be corrected to get a completed roof according to building departments. Compliance is mandatory.

Typical roof replacement procedure is;
Strip one side of the house roof (so not to expose whole house roof to weather) of all roofing material down to roof wood decking.
Install 8d (2”) nails every 6 inches to code on every truss or rafter.
Apply an underlayment of 15#, 30# felt or self-adhered (peel-n-stick).
Then move to another roof section or side and repeat the process.

Once having removed existing roof materials the shingles, tile or metal can then be applied over roof underlayment according to manufacture specifications.
When the roof has been replaced and the final inspections have been made satisfactory the homeowner should receive from the roof contractor warranty information, contractors final affidavit and an invoice for final payment.
If satisfied the homeowner can pay the roof contractors final invoice with confidence knowing they protected themselves by ensuring licenses, insurance, employees were covered, a permit was issued for the roof and they have a beautiful roof to enjoy for many years to come.
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Insurance companies approve with great joy restorations completed with our roof system materials!
Use SureCoat Systems roof coating products to repair hail damage on roofs including Asphalt Shingles, BUR, TPO roofs and PVC roofs
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yeah it does.
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Anyone who knows about roofing also knows the cellophane is used by manufactures to keep shingles form sticking to each other in the bundles during shipping. The cellophane does NOT NEED TO BE REMOVED! The cellophane is located on the opposing shingle where the glue strip is so not to sick together. Once out of packaging and placed on roof the cellophane is not in alignment with the glue strip so shingles can stick together per manufactures specs. Removing of cellophane is a myth. Instead of listening to someone who obviously does not know roofing visit manufacture website of shingles and query it.
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Lmao what did I just watch? Wow! You know what they say you can't teach stupid. Thanks for sharing.
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Contact Certified Quality Roofing for assistance on your next project. Bigger and more costly problems are sure to arise, so get started by getting yo
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Since 1980 we have built new homes, added home additions, performed home renovations and re-roofed homes for hundreds of satisfied clients t

Roofing 101 in Florida

Only choose a reputable licensed roof contractor to replace the roof. They will have the necessary licenses, general liability and workers c

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