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(Fri13) This will definitely make the launcher more useful and versatile

What is coming in V1.1 among other things:

There are thousands of existing Android App Widgets. While we think they’re lacking in many respects, we have received overwhelming demand for them so we will be adding them to Chameleon. Many of them do tap into valuable content housed within locally installed applications that we cannot access using Chameleon Widgets as a third party. You can see a preview of Chameleon using Android App Widgets by watching the video at the top of this post.

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I've seen this launcher some time ago when it was under development.
Too bad it's only for tablets.
that is cool though not sure the launcher will work on that. I think right now 7" is the min size.
Haven't checked that. The reason I love Note I-II is that you can make phone calls with them.
Going out with a tablet and a phone doesn't sound a good idea to me.
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