Saturday End of Day Review

18 great bluray deals on T2, ID4, Stargate and more

17 The Verge smartphone recommendations

16 Tron:Uprising panel at Comic-Con

15 NES bedspread and pillow shams

14 Tell the president to get his butt to Mars

13 Cool Batman billboard

12 NASA handing LEO to the commercial guys

11 Legend of Korra Finale was Legendary

10 ISS transits the moon

09 Orion abort delayed due to budget

08 help a G+er out Droid Art for auction share if you can't bid

07 Weyland Industries Training video for Prometheus crew (funny spoof)

06 Prepping Radiation Probe

05 Judge Dredd Trailer

04 Iron Man dress instead of a LBD for the next cocktail party

03 Joker articulate figurine

02 Pixar review

01 MSL landing is 7 minutes of terror

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