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Google Plus Exclusive First Look
Just got this from the guys at Glenn who are finalizing the new special edition DVD/BluRay version of Ascent:Commemorating Shuttle which this will be an extra on. The video is shot from the Solid Rocket Booster Perspective up and down with enhanced sound thanks to Ben Burtt's son and the folks at Skywalker Sound. The team is still trying to figure out how to release this all to the public, but for now enjoy an exclusive first look. +NASA youtube doesn't even have the video.
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+Fraser Cain post away it is public on my youtube channel, I just haven't shared it anywhere else yet. the more publicity the better because it might help push to get NASA to find a way to make the DVD/BluRay available to buy, or download or stream.
Amazing! It's public on YouTube, so I'm posting it. :)
while I have you captivated +Philip Plait and +Fraser Cain do you guys know of a good way for NASA to release the DVD? would we license it out to spacefilms? or should I just put it up on one of those legal bit torrent sites for the world to enjoy. I reached out to Netflix via their website about getting it on instant stream but got a generic not looking for content email back. the guys at Glenn are struggling with how to get this out their which is why I help via my youtube channel.
It depends on your goal. If you want to make money from it, you could go the Louis C.K. route and sell it directly to the public and a downloadable file.

If the goal is to reach the widest possible audience, then it's really just a publicity thing. You want to reach out onto every single platform simultaneously. Post the whole thing on Youtube, Vimeo, and make it downloadable as a 1080p video from a special website. Also release it onto the torrent networks, etc.

That will give you mountains of good will, but it'll cost money for bandwidth.
+Fraser Cain thanks I am pretty sure we are about good will not trying to supplement the NASA budget. I will upload it to my Vimeo account and hopefully PAO will put it up for download on the NASA video server.
Did those cameras have mics or are the sounds artificial?
This was very enlightening. Thank you for posting.
+Ross Taylor the cameras have mics, all the sound is from the ELVIS system the guys just enhanced and brought it out more than how we usually here it in the SE&I Ascent video Highlights.
yes indeed, whens the next launch projected? I hear we are going to have several more this coming month
+michael interbartolo I would take it to the next step, though, and make a nice mini-website for it. One that lets people download the video, but also get connected with NASA.

YouTube and Vimeo work for some people, but there are lots of other people who would love to download a big fat h.264 file and play it on their massive home theater system.

As +Camilla Corona SDO can tell you, this is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you're going to create the content, you want to give it the widest possible release.
+Fraser Cain Thanks for the additional insight I will pass it along to the GRC team and thanks for posting on Universe Today and to your stream.
it's amazing the places we can go now with little cameras.
at 5:06 you can apparently see the vapor trail from the launch coming up from the Earth.
All I can say is:WOW! I am awestruck at being "along for the ride" and just a bit seasick. Fabulous!!
Wonderful view - +Fraser Cain is right. Spreading the awesomeness of Space Exploration is key and takes many steps, many people, many ideas. So thanks for making this available. 
Thanks for sharing! Great video.
The Max-Q and the fall parts were really cool. Wow
thats one hell of a journey
The amount of power put out by these boosters is mind boggling. What an amazing achievement in engineering.
It's incredible to think of the time and effort and ingenuity that culminate into an event like this. The power of the human mind. Events like this that take so much time, and cooperation, and focus, yet still only represent the tiniest drop of what we can accomplish. The simultaneous bigness and smallness of it gives it a nearly indescribable majesty. I loved it. Very inspiring.
Utterly surreal and incredible. Thanks for sharing!
That's the coolest video from the shuttle ever! thanks
That is incredible!!!!
I have watched this over and over great.The sounds are eerie .
Matt C
One of the best videos I've seen.
Impressive. The sun-like white glow of shuttle main engines is shocking to see from up close.
great work, glad to know we have something new these days (thanks Switzerland)
Asabi G
That's great. Can't wait to see the full video!!
Am I the only one that watched this with my heart up in my throat the whole time? Absolutely awesome.

Whats with the mph in the corner? Can't be 'miles per hour' since it should have approached 0 at the apex.
+Josh Rogers The Shuttle travels an arc to get into orbit so even at the apex, the boosters are going very fast, just not vertically.
I am SO happy to learn that the DVD/Blu-ray project is really happening. I can't wait to own a copy!
I used to envy astronauts until I learned they drink their own recycled urine...No thanks
+Sinan Çetinkaya only the ISS astronauts have to drink their recycled urine which is pretty fresh water, but they also get water supplied from the ground. the Shuttle crew gets water from the fuel cells.
+michael interbartolo Thanks for clearing it up, but being in space still doesn't seem attractive. No jobs in the world can get me to drink anything that made from urine in anyway :)
This youtube video is good for my science progect its a great video i love it good job
love the vid but the sound made it so real....:)
Thank you for sharing +michael interbartolo it was like a roller-coaster ride! Heart thumping, Blood pumping roller coaster thrill ride! Hehe! =-)
so glad everyone enjoyed the video, it makes the guys at Glenn proud to know their work is appreciated since when they started the project not many in the Public Affairs Office thought the public would enjoy or be interested in such videos. Hopefully this and the new Ascent video will be the start of something.
I don't suppose that Challenger had cameras on the SRBs ...
+Stan Chesnutt all these camera views weren't added until after Columbia. the failure to see and understand the foam debris transport is what did sts-107 in and these camera views help mitigate that risk.
That was awesome. Probably the closest I'll ever get to orbit, so thanks for posting!
Seeing the other booster rotating against the background of the sphere of the earth's atmosphere, I suddenly hear a certain walz in my head.
Remind me again why we junked this program?
because some wanted to go beyond low earth orbit ( a noble pursuit), but the plan laid out was never fully funded and political backers walked away after the die had been cast to scrap the shuttle leaving us with the gap. we could have slow rolled the remaining flights when Obama came into office if we wanted to close the gap. if he used the 10 or so flights with 2 per year we could have gotten until 2014 assuming the international partners went along with the delay for station complete. but now we have no access to space, commercial guys are trying, but not getting the funding they need from congress. Orion/SLS is kept on a thin budget and going to take until 2030 to be fully capable.
thanks again to everyone who shared this out. the feedback and amount of views have been staggering.
Igor M
The best video ever in 400 seconds!!!
That was absolutely amazing! Thanks for all the effort in putting this together.
I miss the shuttle, it was such an awesome machine, it never looked like dated technology. 
Thank you very much for an awesome link. Living on the other side of the 'pond' I never had the chance to see this live, but I still remember myself sitting in front of a shortwave radio to get the transmission of the STS-1 start. Just woke up my wife with the sound ;-)
Awesome Team!
Q: what was the max temp in space and before it re-entered the water. Need more metal like that! WOW We're just scratching the surface. There is life out there, now lets go and get it.
Beautiful...can someone fix the caption that reads, "Not in  space" to say "Now in space?"
Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it. Wow!
Very, very cool, thanks for sharing!
This is a fantastic video.  Always wondered what it would be like to ride the booster down.  :)  Thanks for sharing this. 
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