(Fri02) This week in cool space images April 26th 2013
Sorry for the skip last week, life got in the way, but here is a supersized edition to make up for it. Closing in on 100 images this year already.
Enceladus starts us off this week in full view
Chandra shows a 1,000 year old cosmic tapestry
Dawn gives us a topo view of the Torquata crater on Vesta
HiRISE shows us the Hashir Crater in 3D perspective.
Hubble and Herschel team up to show a fresh perspective on the Horsehead Nebula.
Curiosity provides a 3D look at Mount Sharp.
Raw image of the swirling power of Saturn
and Hubble spots the Ison Comet near Jupiter.
have a great weekend
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