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Fri09 No need to panic about that asteroid in 2040, your weekend plans are safe
I am sure since it's discovery you have been sweating that it was so going to ruin your plans for the year 2040 but alas it is going to be okay

Researchers anticipate that asteroid 2011 AG5, discovered in January 2011, will fly safely past and not impact Earth in 2040.

Current findings and analysis data were reported at a May 29 workshop at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., attended by scientists and engineers from around the world. Discussions focused on observations of potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs).

Observations to date indicate there is a slight chance that AG5 could impact Earth in 2040. Attendees expressed confidence that in the next four years, analysis of space and ground-based observations will show the likelihood of 2011 AG5 missing Earth to be greater than 99 percent.

Measuring approximately 460 feet (140 meters) in size, the space rock was discovered by the NASA-supported Catalina Sky Survey operated by the University of Arizona in Tucson. Several observatories monitored 2011 AG5 for nine months before it moved too far away and grew too faint to see.
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They're only saying this now, to avoid panic!
just imagine how old Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis will be by then to save us.
... or maybe the asteroid threat was mitigated by using some unannounced methods? ;-)
I secretly want one of these things to hit earth, without the harm or death to people of course, and that's probably unavoidable.  But it would still be cool.  Or how about the moon?
PFF! 2040? I was gunna be moved out by then anyway.
Um, it is it wimpy to admit this really had me terrified and you just cleared up a huge area of my mind dedicated to asteroid terror. I'm not kidding. 
makes me think of the movie "Deep Impact", with Morgan Freeman, Tea Leoni.  let's hope for no "ELE"
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