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  • University of Michigan
    BS Aero Engineering, 1991 - 1995
  • George Washington University
    MS Mech Engineering, 1995 - 1997
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Rocket Scientist by Day and Glass Explorer 24/7
Born in Boston, went to Michigan (GO BLUE!), volunteered at Goddard while in grad school, worked in Mission Control for the Shuttle then did a stint working Smart Buyer/iDOT/Orion/MPCV/Mars In situ Resource Utilization, but now I am doing New Business Development at the Johnson Space Center looking for interesting technologies and industries that can leverage our knowledge, facilities and patents #forthebenefitofall. Former GoogleTV Ambassador
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had the honor to work 11 yrs on the Space Shuttle Program in Mission Control.
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  • NASA
    JSC, 1998 - present
  • NASA
    GSFC, 1996 - 1998
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Melrose, Ma - Ann Arbor, MI - Crystal City, VA



Michael Interbartolo

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My favorite Kickstarter
I know I have ranted over the frustration on space, but this is worth fighting for. It really is frustrating how broken our space exploration system is in terms of leadership (lack there of), budgetary instability (congressional jobs program) and lack of sound project management (orion takes ~15 years from contract to first crewed test flight). will a Chinese space race really be the kick in the pants we need or will those in power continue with the mantra "when China gets to the moon they will see 6 american flags already there"

for those that missed previous rants:
shoot for the Moon short -

Man left the Moon for the last time 42 years ago -

Just stop with this Journey to Mars BS -
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Dreary little Kanukistani child blocked.
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Honestly this trailer has me more excited than the force awakens trailer
More Vader(plus looks like another Inquisitor) ahsoka and return of captain Rex
I am surprised to see awing and b wing fighters.
Wow...some huge surprises in the season Two Star Wars: Rebels trailer.  Looks like a certain Dark Lord of the Sith is going to be more than a mere cameo, for sure. 

Tons of returning characters....this show is looking better all the time.  
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Looks great! Love the direction they are taking this series, really enjoyed the first season too.
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Michael Interbartolo

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Why no love for the eccleston season?
The TARDIS has taken "Doctor Who" through time and space and landed on Disney XD. The network will air seasons two through four — the ones starring David Tennant as the Doctor — of the eccentric BB...
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I just started watching Dr. Who a few month ago, with the ninth doctor as the first season. I never knew where to start and then Amazon Prime actually called the Eccleston one the first season, so I gave it a try. Without that season and without him and Rose introducing me to this universe, I would have not continued, I think. I do have to say that I loved David Tennant as the doctor, but Eccleston really made me get into it. 
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How do you promote a movie like Kung Fury?
with +David Hasselhoff of course. this is exactly how I remember the 80's.
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+Michael Interbartolo --- This is pure 80's fun .... when cocaine was plentiful and women's bushes were hairy!
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I really hope this is just some fanboy wet dream.
I am in the no don't bring him back camp what about you?
plus even if you had Vader DNA and were cloning him, why put him in a vader suit (just for looks) that thing was what kept Anakin alive no a fashion statement like some other Sith.
Sure, there are new droids, planets, ships, characters and even the return of “Han old buddy.” (Not to say he’s old, or anything—that’s just a...
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Obviously - Spock put Vader's soul into McCoy ... ABRAMS' CROSSOVER!
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Interesting, what do you think?
Movie is still a year out so is it too early to care about Batman v superman?
H/t +Ben Schoon​
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Are they trying to depower Superman by never having sunlight?
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Steam the final Aether
Any steam punk Trekkie's out there? 
Brian Denham and Joeming Dunn is raising funds for Airship Enterprise Graphic Novel on Kickstarter! Steampunk sci-fi comicbook by Brian Denham (X-Files, Starcraft, Iron Man) These are the voyages of the Airship Enterprise.
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Michael Interbartolo

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Great if he doesn't even know how to frame a shot with his phone how can we trust that he is capable of directing star wars!
I just wanted to share this. J.J. Abrams , director of the new Star Wars film, shooting vertical video of a crowd cheering for him.
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He will fix it in editing :)
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I was hoping for Coulson and Fury returns to shock Hydra
so Movie MCU characters/situations can impact tv MCU, but like a one way street Coulson can't come back to the movies :(
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Fast & Furious?
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Why do we care if there is Life on Mars
yesterday a few of us were talking about the challenges of going to Mars and one the big ones being Fecal processing because the Planetary Protection guys won't let you just dump that on Mars. The question came up who cares? Even if there is microbial life on the planet is leaving our waste behind that big of deal? in the long run we will colonize the Moon, Mars and beyond so what does it matter if some microbial life is disturbed by our presence?

This isn't some Star Trek Prime Directive to not interfere with a specie's development given the level of life we are talking about. Is it arrogant to look at Mars "life" as insignificant and not something to worry about?

Now even if you believe the Ancient Alien show(which I did watch last on the red planet) and there is some lost civilization there it is still dead and just ruins behind. 

Why do we send probe after probe to Mars to try and find life? is it just so we don't feel lonely in the universe? In the end if I am trying to send humans to Mars is it okay for me to let them leave their crap behind? or is all life no matter how small something to be protected?
#manifestdestiny   #multiplanetspecie   #lifeonmars  
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I want to poop on Mars.
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Waiting for a dragon to arrive.
L+141-144: Logbook

Well, as you might have heard, Dragon’s arrival has been delayed a few days. Had the launch occurred on Monday, it would already be berthed to Node 2 right now and we would already have opened the hatch and started to get urgent cargo out.

But hey, in the space business flexibility is paramount! The launch slipped by one day, delaying arrival to ISS by two days… that’s orbital mechanics and phasing angles for you.

But if you think that we had two free days while waiting for Dragon to come knock at our door, I’m afraid you’re not acquainted with the folks who run the ISS ops: they always have a slip plan! A launch is delayed? Voila’, old plan is taken out, new plan is put in. Ready? Go! Yes, whenever things heavily depend on an inherently uncertain event like the launch of a rocket, mission managers, flight directors and planners always fully prepare two plans: that requires a lot of extra work on the ground, but it ensures that no precious crew time on ISS is wasted.

In this case they had pretty major plans in store for the case of launch slip. I kind of got that feeling on Tuesday already: when they give you one full hour to study a procedure you’ll do the next day and then they give you another hour to gather hardware you will need for that procedure and then they tell you not to bother taking tools out of the toolbox, just take the entire drawer instead… when all that happens you start to think that you’re going to get your hands dirty on some major work. Which I love!

While Terry and Scott were busy on their own major activity with the EVA suits, I spent the day in Node 3 reconfiguring the intermodule ventilation ducting in preparation of moving the PMM module later this year from Node 1 nadir to Node 3 forward. Basically, we need a way to get ventilation to PMM in its future new location. Never thought if would be possible to fit so many bags full of hardware in Node 3, in the pretty cramped space between ARED and the toilet cabin, but somehow it worked. And at 2 am Houston-time specialists on the ground were ready to support, with a ground model of the equipment to replicate any issues had we run into problems. Fortunately, with the exception of a couple of stuck fasteners , everything went smoothly: kudos to the team for having such a great, user-friendly procedure ready!

Dragon slip also carved some time to work on the European Modular Cultivation System in Columbus. I got to de-install a number of modules called Rotor Based Life Support Systems –self-contained boxes that are attached on the rotors of this facility. They will hitch a ride to Earth on Dragon and they will be refurbished and launched again in the future to support future plant experiments.

Ah, I also worked a little on a Kubik, the stand-alone centrifuge/incubators that we sometimes operate in Columbus for experiments on cell cultures. I wrapped up the experiment Stem Cells Differentiation by moving the experiment containers to cold stowage and downlinking Kubik data to the ground. As the name suggests, this experiment studies human mesenchymal stem cells, which can differentiate into several cell types to build bone, fat, cartilage, musles, tendons. Now, if you’re a stem cell and you have all this choice, how do you know into what you need to differentiate? What are going to be when you “grow up”? That depends on what kind of signals you get from so-called signaling molecules. Vitamin-D is one of those signaling molecules and in particular we know that it is involved in telling stem cells to turn into bone cells. Bone loss is a big issue in microgravity, as you know, so this experiment observes the effectiveness of the Vitamin D signaling by comparing stem cells differentiation in presence or absence of Vitamin D. Pretty cool, ah?

By the way, not sure how much sunlight you get where you live (we don’t get much up here), but if you haven’t done so already and get a chance, at your next blood draw it can’t hurt to check you Vitamin D levels!

Futura mission website (Italian): Avamposto42

  #SamLogbook +futura42 

(Trad IT)  Traduzione in italiano a cura di +AstronautiNEWS 

(Trad FR) Traduction en français par +Anne Cpamoa ici:

(Trad ES) Tradducción en español por +Carlos Lallana Borobio 

(Trad DE)  Deutsch von
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Castle without Beckett?
I guess better than a tired married couple like moonlighting
Maybe still police drama stories to tell without the romantic sub plot.
Castle will retain its Castle but lose its kings -- and possibly its queen -- should ABC renew the procedural for Season 8. An ABC spokesperson confirms that Nathan Fillion has signed a new deal to...
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I have a feeling that stana will sign for 1 last season to not disappoint fans especially since season 7 is supposed to end in a cliffhanger
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