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michael interbartolo
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Attended University of Michigan
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New Business Development
  • NASA
    JSC, 1998 - present
  • NASA
    GSFC, 1996 - 1998
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League City, Tx
Melrose, Ma - Ann Arbor, MI - Crystal City, VA
Rocket Scientist by Day, GoogleTV Ambassador by Night and Glass Explorer 24/7
Born in Boston, went to Michigan (GO BLUE!), volunteered at Goddard while in grad school, worked in Mission Control for the Shuttle then did a stint working Smart Buyer/iDOT/Orion/MPCV/Mars In situ Resource Utilization, but now I am doing New Business Development at the Johnson Space Center looking for interesting technologies and industries that can leverage our knowledge, facilities and patents #forthebenefitofall.
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had the honor to work 11 yrs on the Space Shuttle Program in Mission Control.
  • University of Michigan
    BS Aero Engineering, 1991 - 1995
  • George Washington University
    MS Mech Engineering, 1995 - 1997
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Anyone need a new MotoX off contract on Verizon.  Great phone from trusted seller.
I listed my Moto X on +Swappa

I took the plunge and left Verizon. If you're still rockin' Big Red and need a phone off contract, I'm selling my Moto X 16GB, all white. It's in mint condition, no visible blemishes.

Swappa is awesome if you've never used them. I love the site, have met most of the staff in person (they're good people), and it's just a much better shopping experience versus eBay.

If you're not in the market for a new phone but know someone who is, pass it on. Thanks!

#shamelessplug #Android #MotoX
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14 years since the +New England Patriots made what some would come to call the greatest draft selection for the franchise

The Brady 6
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+michael interbartolo as a #NYjets  fan, I cannot wait until he retires!! =P
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Interesting Back to the Future and the tech of 2015 Kickstarter
In 1989 Robert Zemekis and his team released the sequel to the immensely successful film ‘Back to the Future’. In this new adaptation the main characters travel to the future, specifically to the year 2015, and experience all kinds of weird and wonderful inventions that the production team imagined would be present in the then, distant future. 

Turn the clock forward 25 years and we are only a short time away from living in the very future that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to. But when we get there, what will we expect? How far off is the flying car? Do sports shoes with electric laces really exist? And what about the infamous Hoverboard? 

‘Back to the Future Again’ takes a eye-opening look at the progress of science and compares it to the creative vision that Robert Zemekis, Bob Gale and their team had back in 1989. 

Featuring interviews from the original crew, and from modern day experts, 'Back to the Future Again' will transport the viewer on a quest to see if the world of the film is anywhere close to our world now. 

It’ll be fun, enlightening and filled with ‘Back to the Future’ wonder. Anyone who enjoys the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise won’t want to miss this. 
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First there was the KFC double down

then the Dominoes fried chicken pizza, now ditch the bread and use a bacon cheddar sausage as a bun for you hot dog.

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I disagree with that bread makes you fat.
We Turkish people are well known to eat bread a lot. Even so we eat rice with bread :)
My English teacher was from Anaheim, CA. Once she told us the same thing. She said that although you Turkish people eat bread too much, you are thin.
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I enjoyed First Class, but Last Stand not so much.
Final trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past
it will be interesting to see how they bounce between the First Class cast and I guess post X-Men Last Stand group.
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Have him in circles
39,345 people
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Finally a real world review not fed by the hype beast
I never used voice search on my google TVs but what I did use was the primetime app which aggregated content Free/subscription/livetv/pay from Netflix hbogo amazon play movies Vudu and more. Google really needs to make that app a standalone to drive content discovery for the Chromecast. Open the primetime app voice search or browse suggestions based on google now and content you have rated/watched before and then start casting right from that app without even having to open the specific app up tov start the stream.
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When Fire TV was announced, I was like hold on, google tv has been doing this for years...
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michael interbartolo

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man do I suck at photospheres.
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hrmm, can't tell which desk is yours  /s  :)
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real world spacecraft exploring our planet, solar system and universe, not sci-fi ships of movies/tv/books
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Holy cow, this site is amazing. Showing this to my son ASAP!
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Anyone planning on seeing the movie?
Soundtrack is "free" as part of All Access Music.
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I read a review today that confirmed to me what the trailers were leading me to believe, it's not all that good of a movie with lots of pseudo profundities and not actually all that much of human interest going on.

I don't see how a downloaded intelligence would be able to do the kind of magical destruction shown in the preview. If they aren't getting something basic like that right, I don't think they are really exploring the implications of a downloaded intelligence as much as they are doing weird and boring stuff with CGI.
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michael interbartolo

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Great news. Not retiring and might be getting back in the studio for another album and tour for their 40th anniversary.
Rock on AC/DC
H/t +Joanne Manaster
AC/DC are not quitting music. Rumour quashed.
Rumors of AC/DC's imminent demise
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That is awesome. I've been a fan since I was a young teenager, so about 30 years now!
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