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New clip for the upcoming series on Disney xd highlighting Hera the pilot of the rebel ship and chopper her charming astromech droid.
First real clip from Star Wars: Rebels.  

Not gonna lie...the aurrrrrrrrrrrraaaahhh! sound of ACTUAL TIE FIGHTERS kind of does it for me.  I'm excited as hell to see what they do with this.  
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Getting his new sneakers papa +Michael A Interbartolo Jr 
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Liftoff of SpaceX-3:
Solar arrays are deployed and the craft is doing well for docking with the space station.
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If it'd stop slewing off early in prep for the next pass sure. :p
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Is Wu-Tang's music worth $5 Million
The Staten Island rap group's original idea for the release was to sell it as an ultra-limited edition package after it completes a world-tour where fans could pay between $30 and $50 apiece to listen to it once, in a single sitting, in a museum.
When you have the cultural cachet of someone like the Wu-Tang Clan, there are a handful of luxuries afforded to you that few others have. Like selling
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Didn't one of their guys (Andre Johnson) just recently cut off his penis and jump off a building??
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cool short about how the Batman icon has changed in the past 75 years. covers all the various +DC Entertainment variations from comics/tv/movies.
Happy Birthday Batman
Batman  was first introduced 75 years ago in the Detective Comics #27 which arrived at the news stands most likely around the 18th of April 1939 (see 

It is one of the most expensive comic books and sold for $1,075,000 in February 2010.

For all of you who want to read it DC made a digital copy available (see:

And now enjoy a video of the Batman Icon history over the last 70+ years.

P.S.: The official publication date of the Detective Comics #27 is the 30th March 1939 as listed in the library of congress (see and but that is most likely not the date it arrived at the news stands. The Comic itself has a May cover date but that was typically the time it was removed from the newsstand.

#Batman   #Birthday   #75th   #dccomics  
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Another science update from the space station
A new medical-testing device is being prepped to enter the battle against infectious disease. This instrument could improve diagnosis of certain diseases in remote areas, thanks in part to knowledge gained from a series of investigations aboard the International Space Station on the behavior of liquids. The device uses the space-tested concept of capillary flow to diagnose infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
#scienceeveryday   #forthebenefitofall  
Space station research-inspired tool could become a new weapon in the battle against infectious diseases in remote corners of Earth.
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For all your winter soldier adventures.
A bit pricey for me at $70 but I want every part of this hoodie.
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oh next season Ragnar invades Paris. should make for an interesting season 3 though looks like season 2 still has a few surprises left for us after the Blood Eagle.
Show Creator Michael Hirst Talks VIKINGS, Compelling Stories, Finding the Hero, Writing Every Episode, and the Outcome of the Upcoming Episode "Blood Eagle"
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2 episodes left. 
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Do you want to build a Rocketship
or maybe a robot for Mars? now you can using NASA software.

From the rudimentary but effective Apollo Guidance and Navigation System that landed the first humans  on the lunar landscape to the 500,000 lines of code  used to put the Mars Curiosity Rover on the surface  of the Red Planet, software has always been at the  core of NASA’s mission successes.

The technologies featured in this catalog represent NASA’s best solutions to a wide array of complex problems,  and they are on offer here to the public for use. They cover project management systems, design tools, data  handling, and image processing, as well as solutions for life support functions, aeronautics, structural analysis, 
and robotic and autonomous systems.
more info in the pdf -
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A pretty versatile little robot. The varying methods of mobility would allow it to overcome a variety of obstacles. What do you think +Ross Taylor
This Norwegian Engineer Is Creating Some Creepy Transformer-Like Robots…

Click below to see these crazy robots in action...
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That thing gets the prize for the cutest robot I have ever seen.
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Born in Boston, went to Michigan (GO BLUE!), volunteered at Goddard while in grad school, worked in Mission Control for the Shuttle then did a stint working Smart Buyer/iDOT/Orion/MPCV/Mars In situ Resource Utilization, but now I am doing New Business Development at the Johnson Space Center looking for interesting technologies and industries that can leverage our knowledge, facilities and patents #forthebenefitofall.
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