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My favorite Kickstarter
I know I have ranted over the frustration on space, but this is worth fighting for. It really is frustrating how broken our space exploration system is in terms of leadership (lack there of), budgetary instability (congressional jobs program) and lack of sound project management (orion takes ~15 years from contract to first crewed test flight). will a Chinese space race really be the kick in the pants we need or will those in power continue with the mantra "when China gets to the moon they will see 6 american flags already there"

for those that missed previous rants:
shoot for the Moon short -

Man left the Moon for the last time 42 years ago -

Just stop with this Journey to Mars BS -
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A much deserved honor or just nerd rage
I blame +Christopher Butler​​ for the haterade campaign ;)
The upcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot had its first full official trailer released not too long ago, and many complained. Many complained. It was quickly remixed by those who thought they …
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I'm not a fan of the lead actresses of the film's comedy styles so this will be a miss for me - and before people start claiming sexism if the leads were male, or transgender and I didn't like their particular comedic acting ID feel the same way
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Michael Interbartolo

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good progress on Antonio's Rocket pack costume
Stopping for the day since I ran out of hot glue sticks. Tomorrow clean up some edges and start plasti-dip
Spats with mini rockets on the boots.
Wrist computer.
Belt and Rocket pack harness(from original version)
Three chamber Rocket pack.
Only 27 days until Space City Comic Con.
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+Christopher Butler original creation from pool noodles and a Clorox wipes container.
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Michael Interbartolo

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is this a late April Fools joke
Vinnie’s Pizzeria at 148 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg unveiled “the pizza box pizza” Wednesday on social media. It’s a traditional New York-style pepperoni pie surrounded by a square pizza that serves as the “pizza box.”
WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — It’s a pizza lover’s dream come true — a pizza box made 100 percent of pizza — and you can get it in New York City. Vinnie’s Pizzeria at 148 Bedford Ave. …
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Michael Interbartolo

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Probing Dark Energy
Researchers are using a large sample of galaxy cluster to investigate dark energy. The details of X-ray emission from over 300 galaxy clusters were obtained with Chandra. The galaxy clusters range in distance from about 760 million to 8.7 billion light years from Earth. The study shows that dark energy has not changed over billions of years.

These four galaxy clusters were part of a large survey of over 300 clusters used to investigate dark energy, the mysterious energy that is currently driving the accelerating expansion of the Universe, as described in our latest press release. In these composite images, X-rays from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory (purple) have been combined with optical light from the Hubble Space Telescope and Sloan Digital Sky Survey (red, green, and blue).

Full details
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Michael Interbartolo

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That is beyond awesome
I have the ucs star destroyer I am still trying to wrap my head around how big this ship is compared to what is in my living room. Multiple interior levels with minifigs, and a hangar bay with two tie fighters and a shuttle plus a captured rebel awing.
Now this is some very impressive work
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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Holy cow... WANT. WANT!
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Michael Interbartolo

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Everything I said after the one and only time I wasted watching this movie
Such a disappointment. Hopefully rogue one is different but episode VIII not interested in at this point.
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Its possible that your standards might be a wee bit too high, +Michael Interbartolo.   ;)
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Michael Interbartolo

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While I am not one to usually agree with Lori Garver but on this we can agree
It is hard to say we are making fast progress when we are going to take longer to get to first crew test flight than it took to build 4 classes of spacecraft and boot on the moon from agency creation.

I don't think staying the course is the right plan. I think ARM is not long for the world and it is time for a pivot. Where do the international partners want to go? The moon, where does NASA want to go? Far side of the Moon. What can you pitch to next president as achievable in 8 years? A gateway station on the far orbit of the Moon. Allows us to work those long duration tech, allows others to work telerobotics to build lunar outpost and eventually surface ops. Orion can be the transit vehicle to and from the gateway but do we need to SLS? I am not convinced. Falcon 9 heavy for $90M can get 15 tons to Mars, but you aren't going direct to Mars. You will assembly in orbit (probably distant retrograde lunar orbit) a larger transit vehicle or two (one to deploy all the preposition assets the other for crew) so do we need a larger SLS with all its development and operations cost?

There are other parts you could sell to Sen Shelby to garner his support (cause really he and others care about jobs for their space centers not actual exploration) Using existing heavy lift and a solar electric propulsion cycler(which again would be test bed for long duration needs) you could drop the parts in earth orbit and then bring them to lunar location for assembly.

Long term I don't see even Orion going to Mars it is just crew transfer to the Mars transit vehicle. Carrying that 25,000 lbs to Mars and back costs orders of magnitude more in propellant than just sending a new Orion up 900 days later when the transit vehicle comes home.

It is time to look at what is within one President's two terms cause Mars is a 20 year out mirage with too many elections in between. Kennedy gave a deadline of end of decade cause in jan 1969 when he would have left office (barring his murder) would a new president really kill a boots to the Moon flight when it is just months away from pulling it off. The public is myopic and distracted easily by celebrity rehabs and reality TV to believe or even be interested in a journey to Mars at this point given the time scale. Is there a place for Orion sure a the lunar shuttle making regular crew rotations and supply runs at much more frequency than what current plans call for. In my opinion continuing/staying the course is setting yourself up for cancellation cause progress is not going to be achieved in tangible and visible milestones for the public or congress to believe they are getting a return on investment when you only fly on 4 year centers. Can we stop being a jobs program and get to the business of space exploration.
Although NASA touts its discoveries in space, the federal agency is, and has always been, about jobs on the ground. “Money aimed at science and research ends up with builders and contractors instea...
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+Tom Nardi long term if Orion can't find a mission beyond high earth orbit transfer for crew to Mars transit vehicle I agree it should be scrapped in favor of commercial. If they can do Leo to ISS crew they can do HEO to Mars transit. It will require a upgrade to dragon or cts-100 for the extended duration but certainly doable.
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Michael Interbartolo

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Donor fatigue or a poisoned well what do you think
Personally starting a campaign right around tax day and after CBS had already filed their lawsuit plus C&D to others it wasn't exactly the best time for another trek campaign. Also the trek universe has several high profile efforts going on and instead of working together due to egos or creative differences how many various incarnations of fan films can the public support simultaneously?
Fan film expert Jonathan Lane weighs in on the latest big crowdfunding campaign – Star Trek Continues’ Indiegogo campaign.
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The Cult classic Jim Henson Production is coming back to theaters in September
To commemorate the 30th anniversary, Fathom Events is bringing the film back to select theaters on September 11th and 14th ahead of the special edition Blu-ray that arrives on September 20th
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29 days until Space City Comic Con so let's start a new project
Antonio's old rocket pack was 2 coke bottles and duct tape and got beat up last season so working on 2.0 model. I am going to skin this in craft foam. Plus make him a wrist computer and boot attachments.
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Cool alternate reality stormtroopers
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Assane gueye
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Great selection of food including some of the higher end central market upscale foodie stuff. Large store but well laid out and friendly staff. Really wish they supported Android Pay, they have the hardware but it isn't enabled.
Public - in the last week
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Yummy food, friendly staff and clean store. Drive thru can get backed up during busy times. Kids love the play area.
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Eclectic decor and good comfort food selection as well as hot subs. Fast service and yummy meals.
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Very nice facility. Pleasant staff for a social event.
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32 reviews
Delicious breakfast tacos. Fast and friendly service with breakfast made to order. Clean restaurant and helpful staff.
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Were there for the Sunday brunch. Pricey but large selection of delicious food. Attentive staff and clean environment
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Pleasant hotel with close proximity to Ames and Google. Friendly staff and clean room.
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reviewed 2 months ago