when she said
move to virginia with me
after wiping her wee on my tee
see? theres a gash made of periodicity
and oui, dear crazy, if ever i see you again
ill bring virginia to thee.

i was futoned
four of the am
anno minuto?
anagodzilla, maybe
yeasted or spider bit
eschatological wimpy
so the veterinarian didnt meet me

just so, i yet wonder
about the prison borne
miss unsealed didnt know
infant carcass run down by the wheelchair
emts rushed out as she still birthed on the exit ramp

just sew? she told me she sat solitary for husbandry
unctuous cruel and unusual uses for her fetal fester
sick and due, she screamed for crying hue
tend me, screws, im fucking hurting while you
illuse yourselves with excuses
co, are you just doing your job shoddy?
et tu, for the wife and family, brutally murdered

her child. in solitary confinement. for hubbys bad checks.

just so, prison industry?
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