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I've been working on this set of videos for a few months now, following Tricia Bowen in her conversations with some really great people engaged in adult education. Learned a lot about video and editing, and also the impact that adult education can have on people's lives.

It was really great to launch last night at the VALBEC Forum for Adult Learners Week.

#adultLiteracy   #VALBEC   #AdultLearnersWeek   #AFullerSenseOfSelf  

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Speaking of adult literacy students and educators who can inspire you, I've been working with Tricia Bowen on the video follow-up to her 2011 publication "A Fuller Sense of Self". Tricia worked hard to track down students from the original book, to find out where they are now, and how adult learning has affected their lives lately.

The full story, in 3 chapters, is being launched at a VALBEC forum for Adult Learners Week in Clifton Hill: Tuesday 6 Sept, 2016 • 6.00 - 8.00 pm.

Forum details:
Video trailer:

* VALBEC: Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council.
** Inspired and produced by Lynne Matheson

#adultLiteracy #inspiring

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Here's the handout we gave students for our "improve your digital literacy - iPad and Skype" course recently at PRACE. 

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So great to find that people are still investing in the scrobbling culture.. this plugin lets you keep a scrobbling record of the music you listen to on the webs. 

#lastfm   #scrobble   #music   #chromeExtension   

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Working with Catherine at PRACE on a program to support people learning to drive, with their language and literacy skills. 

Unfortunately, we can't use iCloud to back up the iPad photos, because her iCloud storage is already full. But at there's no way to find out what's taken all the storage space.

5Gb of "Something We Can't See". Probably the apps, right? 

Anyone good with iCloud who knows how to stop iCloud backing up apps automatically? 

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Found a great set of oral histories from adult learners at #SydneyTAFE. Back in 2008, Carol McKirdy interviewed a range of students, to gently draw out their stories. There are about 15 stories, as well as audio summaries and language & literacy lessons to support further learning. 

I've been listening to Anna Green's story of escape from 1950s Hungary, and she really draws you in, well supported by Carol's gentle interviewing style. 

#acalRapal   #resilience   #adultLearning   #adultLiteracy   #oralHistory   #SydneyTAFE  

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Now working on a project gathering stories about Resilience in Adult Learning. There's a website in the UK, and i've just set up a page on facebook as well..  

Do you know someone in the realms of adult learning who might like to contribute a story? 

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This one i'll use a lot.. the same actual file in multiple folders. Would you find this useful?
This is potentially a very useful thing: you can have the same actual file appear in multiple folders (in google drive). 

Basically, select your file and press [Shift + Z]. You can then add the file to additional folders. 

Q: would you find this useful, or just confusing? 

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Ways to integrate google & microsoft office suites.. edit within Gdrive.
Introducing the Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office (for Windows). This new plug-in lets you open files from Drive, edit them, and save back to Drive without leaving Office.

Learn more on the Drive blog:

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This one still looks promising.. version control in g docs. 
Replace files in Google Drive without changing the link to the file. Learn more:
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