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Mike Bye
Ferrari fanatic, posts primarily covering motorsport news
Ferrari fanatic, posts primarily covering motorsport news


Does anyone know why AFcorse are so down on power in GTE Pro? It’s not like the cars at the end of it’s development life.

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Whoops 🤪

Classic response from Christian Horner . Sky presenter to Christian Horner "it's the quickest combination super and hyper, is it not, or so Pirelli say" Christian Horner "yes but Pirelli say a lot of things"

Can't believe what just happened to Seb in Q2 , back straight was like a carpark .

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Ferrari webcomic. It’s not bad.

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😄😄🤭 and what an awful Monaco they had

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JensonButton SMPracing LMP1 test

Ominous GP from Merc at Jerez. Sebs first corner dive after the restart at Azerbaijan is looking even more costly now.

What are your thoughts on WEC after Spa? I hate to say it ,as I respect Toyota's support for LMP1, but the LMP1 championship would be better as a privateer title, until they get some serious competition
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