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G+ Albums on our Wordpress Site via Photonic
I've been doing a lot of work on the our site & clients sites lately and the more I use WordPress the more I like it!

Using a plugin called "Photonic" I am able to pull in photos from Google+, 500px, and Flickr (SmugMug is also supported but I'm not a user)
Getting this page working has been a pet project of mine in trying to make our website part of the frequent updates to social media.
I believe this is another reason to user G+ albums!

(note - there was certainly some overhead getting this to work like getting api keys and following the developers support )

Great plugin +Sayontan Sinha thanks!
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except that the images all look a bit dull / grayed

and on the white frame is only the Facebook like button (did find the G+ plus button too though) - so you are directly (sort of) linking your G+ albums to Facebook ........... (I know you have accounts on both)
Stunning, Michael!  Love the lightbox!  I can't believe I just switched over to Joomla a few months back - now I'm tempted to go back to Wordpress!!!  The only problem is the template system there - when you're used to Joomla and know the code there - Wordpress can look quite complex!  But the Social Gallery looks really good..... so perhaps I'll jump! ;-)
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