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My First Google+ Shared Circle (Add Shared Circle here: )
I'm going to start my own shared circle so if you have suggestions please let them be known. I'm starting with 3 criteria:
Have seen Star Wars

I'm going to name some people that have shared good tips with me:
+Rahul Roy +Shamil Weerakoon +Anthony Fox +Euro Maestro

User's I've found influential and very worth following for any number of reasons:
+J.J. Bentley +Joe Martinez +Kenneth Campbell +Daniel Sandstein +Terrence Lui +Mark Stagi +James Brooks +Matt Holmes +Mike Elgan +Ivan Makarov +Marc Edward Smith +Marco Freudenreich +Grant Skinner +Jarek Klimek

Few from comments, +1's, and shares:
+Pam Chalkley +Bud Hoffman +Isaac Sparrow +Akpo Siekpe +Marcel Martens +martin shervington +Jacob Dix +Rima Regas +Fred McMurray

+Stu Stu Studio +CircleCount +Best Shared Circle +Shared Circles on G+ +Sharing is Caring on G+ +Technicia Blog

2 of my Favorite G+ Superstars:
+Tom Anderson +Alex Koloskov

Probably build it for like a week or so then share
Who would you add to this?

(if anyone tagged here hasn't seen Star Wars let me know so I can remove you right away!!!)

Update: all the suggestions have been added from the comments and I added my additional 5. Once we hit the mark of 99 the circle closes and I'll share it away.
Is it best to retag people when sharing? I remember +Daniel Sandstein or someone running into an issue with too many mentions on a shared circle post... Thanks again for all the help and encouragement!
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Does this include The Clone Wars ? Hahah, kidding! Thank you so much for the inclusion and I'm honored to be included in your first circle share! Welcome to the fun of circle sharing :) Additional +1 for taking a pic with Mickey Mouse!
+Rahul Roy thanks for the suggestion. Whatever Rahul says I believe +Michael Stuart;-)
Rahul reminds me of, “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.”
Got all the suggestions in and they look like winners. Maybe a # cap makes more sense than a time of a week. How about a cap of 99 then share? Is that too small? Looks to be at 48 already.

+Pam Chalkley I wonder if this is the first Star Wars only circle ;)
+Rod Dunne - great profile pic! I'm surprised we don't see more circles like that on here.
+Kenneth Campbell Thanks for the welcome! Disneyworld was so fun, my son loved it and we will be back for sure!
+J.J. Bentley great suggestions, both added. I didn't have +Monochrome Monday in my circles yet either, oops.
+Johan Horak he hasn't ever steered me wrong either :)
Thanks for the recommendation +Rahul Roy , and yes of course I can tick the third box :)
These are not the #Gplussers you are looking for
All suggestions and requests have been added! I did almost pass on a few because your About section was a bit bare so some may want to spice that up.
+Michael Beckett your Jedi mind trick almost caused me to remove everyone from the circle but I shook it off ;)
We're at 74 so I'll take 20 more spots and then finish off with 5 additional adds of my own.
The response has been awesome guys - I don't think this will be my last Shared Circle!
Excellent first shared circle!! Thanks +Rahul Roy for recommending me! And +Michael Stuart, I was totally guilty of not having an about section, so I filled it out! AND we went to the same college at the same time!! Small world :))
Thank you +Rahul Roy for recommending me! And yes, I've seen the Star Wars movies a few times, so I should be eligible for the circle haha.
Hi +Michael Stuart! I've definitely seen Star Wars--countless times. As to whether I'm creative and engaging, I invite you to check out my posts and decide for yourself, and if so, please add me to your circle. Thanks much.
OK - everyone who commented or was suggested is in and I'm going through my circles looking for more familiar faces that have helped shape my G+ experience. Up to 87 so sound off soon if you have another suggestion or want in! 99 user limit this time...
+Meilani MacDonald - total bonus points for that album! Where was that from?
+Meilani MacDonald love that! I am suitably impressed :) I once met "Boba Fett" in a bar in San Francisco (the young lad, but grown up)...I'll have to look for the photo (yes, of course I did) somewhere!
Hey - just so you you guys know - the current 36 comments on this posts beats my previous high of 3.
;) lol
+Michael Stuart if you want to stimulate activity, do a "tell me 2 things about yourself" post. It is crazy how much conversation it generates.
+Jason Wells you think "99 things" would be a little excessive huh? ;)
Great idea - I will do something like that.
My guess is no one can come up with that many, but try 99 things if you want!
In my opinion 99 would be too many, but if it was just a few I would be interested in reading and engaging
Sorry guys - disclaimer: I like to mess around and make jokes (with comments and in person) +Anthony Fox knows - I wrote one of the funniest comments ever written on his Funny Circle post. (Insert 90's "NOT")
99 would be at least 90 too many for sure +Eddie Curtis & +Jason Wells! lol
I usually go by Mike, but I do have some fake nicknames I populated on my About page that I stole from the movie Step Brothers. A lot of people do call me Stu which helped with choosing our business name.
Ditto +Michael Stuart I usually go by Mike too!
I suppose if you ever wanted to rename your business you could go for Stu squared?
Is the 99 comments goal for a particular reason?
We don't have a goal of 99 for the comments but I like where your heads at! ;)
+Jason Wells had suggested I try a "tell me 2 things about yourself" post after I announced this post had shattered my previous comments record. I joked "would 99 things be too much" which resulted in some genuine advice not to do so - we've been having a grand old time over here +Michael Beckett! lol (49!)
thanks for the include +Rahul Roy and +Michael Stuart . if you really want to know 99 things about anybody i'm pretty sure i could compile a list for you...
Thanks for the inclusion - I missed the notification until someone reshared this just now.
All day +Matt Holmes! Sorry you missed the notification. I only find out about some of the shared circles when I see them pop up on my +CircleCount profile. There should be a unique notification for "Shared a circle with you in it"
Hello, please add me to your circles.
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