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Final 1.0 Release!

See image of all in Circle here:

I follow a lot of people and the main stream can get a bit too active to really work with at peak times. I've slowly been adding people to this circle, and have enjoyed browsing only this circle from time to time. I end up reading 90% of the posts by the users in this circle. My mouse's scroll wheel appreciates the break (the circle was previously called the "less scrolling" circle).

Quick summary of users included:
Google Plus tips and viewpoints: +Rahul Roy +Euro Maestro +Shamil Weerakoon +Denis Labelle +Johan Horak
Stats: +CircleCount +Daniel Sandstein +Jari Huomo
Photography: +Peter From +Klaus Herrmann +Charles Lupica +Marc Edward Smith +Thomas Hawk +Brian Matiash +Trey Ratcliff +Scott Kelby +Jarek Klimek +Daniel Peckham +Alex Koloskov +Chuck Moore +Pam Chalkley +Peter Scharff
Pulse of Google+: +Guy Kawasaki +Mike Elgan +stephanie wanamaker +PJ Rosenberg +Bobbi Jo Woods +Jaana Nyström

Enjoy and share - 100% money back guarantee!

(disclaimer 1 - I love photography so this circle is heavy on photographers, I may make other themes in the future or you can make your own "Must-see-daily Circle"! Going into your circles and sorting by "relevance" helps you choose users you tend to interact with more)
(disclaimer 2 - there are 2 brand pages in here: +CircleCount & +Stu Stu Studio)
(disclaimer 3 - see original BETA post )

#sharedcircles #sharingiscaring #circlesharing #googleplustips +Best Shared Circle

As always thanks and love you +Nicole M. Stuart :)
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