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Final 1.0 Release!

See image of all in Circle here:

I follow a lot of people and the main stream can get a bit too active to really work with at peak times. I've slowly been adding people to this circle, and have enjoyed browsing only this circle from time to time. I end up reading 90% of the posts by the users in this circle. My mouse's scroll wheel appreciates the break (the circle was previously called the "less scrolling" circle).

Quick summary of users included:
Google Plus tips and viewpoints: +Rahul Roy +Euro Maestro +Shamil Weerakoon +Denis Labelle +Johan Horak
Stats: +CircleCount +Daniel Sandstein +Jari Huomo
Photography: +Peter From +Klaus Herrmann +Charles Lupica +Marc Edward Smith +Thomas Hawk +Brian Matiash +Trey Ratcliff +Scott Kelby +Jarek Klimek +Daniel Peckham +Alex Koloskov +Chuck Moore +Pam Chalkley +Peter Scharff
Pulse of Google+: +Guy Kawasaki +Mike Elgan +stephanie wanamaker +PJ Rosenberg +Bobbi Jo Woods +Jaana Nyström

Enjoy and share - 100% money back guarantee!

(disclaimer 1 - I love photography so this circle is heavy on photographers, I may make other themes in the future or you can make your own "Must-see-daily Circle"! Going into your circles and sorting by "relevance" helps you choose users you tend to interact with more)
(disclaimer 2 - there are 2 brand pages in here: +CircleCount & +Stu Stu Studio)
(disclaimer 3 - see original BETA post )

#sharedcircles #sharingiscaring #circlesharing #googleplustips +Best Shared Circle

As always thanks and love you +Nicole M. Stuart :)
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I just tried posting this on the image of people in this circle and it did'nt work, I'll try again.

+Michael Stuart , may I suggest you add +Hengki Koentjoro to this circle, his work in monochrome is nothing short of amazing.
Thank you.
I spent that last hour reading through your circle and I have to say it is great +Michael Stuart - You rule!
Thanks everyone! All well deserved!

+walter gawronski since this is a 1.0 release it will probably be a little while before any additions are made or the marketing department would have my head.
I do have +Hengki Koentjoro in 8 of my circles though! edit - I found that image wasn't public +walter gawronski, I just posted as a visual companion to this post. thanks!
I have a circle that just has me in it that I call the "Han Solo" feed. Do I have to pay George Lucas?
I just added your circle in. There were a few in there that I had not seen before. =)
Glad to hear +Gene Bowker! Thanks so much for the share too - I will be making my rounds via the ripples after work today to give shout outs.
Also - I'd like to personally thank +Shamil Weerakoon for reminding me to "nail the post" which made me spend extra time penning it and I'm happy with the result!
Thanks for the include and i'm glad you took my suggestion.
Thank you +Michael Stuart for including me in such illustrious company I'm truly honoured to be included in such a great circle.
Nice circle to build from +Michael Stuart, thanks for sharing! Would have loved to be in there but we haven't had much contact to date. Would love for you to check out my stream, I will do the same.
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