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v1.2 Updated to 90 members now!
Sharing for Follow Friday #FF
I've had some people ask to be included, so I'll start a Must-see-daily "Bonus Round" (new circle with these members plus supporters)
Ask for inclusion below and share this post if you'd like in.

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Oops +Michael Stuart you were only in...7 circles! You place has now been secured and you are in the secret inner comedy circle of less that 100 that will be released soon with invites to do comedy in the hangouts ;)
+Michael Stuart I wouldn't worry too much about +martin shervington I know where he lives and they don't think anything's funny unless it involves a goat, 2 pints of milk and an old Austin Seven ;)
+martin shervington I bet yours is stronger than mine ;) Plus, we only laugh in Llanarmon when it involves a sheep, 2 cartons of cream and a garibaldi biscuit ;)
sheep and goats, what an animal friendly region you guys live in :)
+Eric Van Buskirk consider yourself the first new addition! I will probably publish another post looking for more members before its launch.
Thanks a mil, +Michael Stuart , circle curation is hard work, as I just found out in creating a shared circle of Plus People calling Philadelphia home.
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