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Morphed from Martin Schoeller portraits.
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its fun to drag a frame off and see who you get!
Cannot . . . look . . . away . . .
your so 1990's borring no wonder youll be no better than what you are right now
Thank you ! it seems that you like morphing Bill Murray :)
I think I saw George Clooney and Client Eastwood for some milliseconds there... Nicely done!
What would be interesting about this is if different features morphed at slower/faster rates so you eventually see an amalgamation of the individuals.
what software have you used for the morphing effect??
Stef X
ÉNORME...un peu trop rapide a mon goût mais super boulot !!!
I think I've spotted Paris Hilton, George Clooney, Heath Ledger, and Angelina Jolie?
Yep I don't get it. I c an old dude. I realise it's a morph of several. Is it ment to b morphing as I c it? 
Hey, I'm amazed by the amount of shares, Thank you :)
this is great... how many faces are in here?
Okay, so I was curious who all the people were in the gif, and here they are, in the order that they appear: Valentino, Helen Mirren, Heath Ledger, Paris Hilton, Marc Jacobs, Cate Blanchett, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Christopher Walken, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop, Mickey Rourke, Zinedine Zidane, Mark Zuckerberg, Jay-Z, Dennis Hopper, Zach Galifianakis, Bill Murray, Kelly Slater, Colin Farrell. By they way, +Micaël Reynaud, nicely done!
Micael, did you do this 'morphing'? It's very impressive. How is it done?
looks like some external power...oohhooo..scary
fascinating and scary at the same time.
very impressive.. I saw:
Helen Mirren
Heath Ledger
Clint Eastwood
Bill Murray
Cate Blanchett
Justin Timberlake
Mark Zuckerberg
Angelina Jolie
Mel Gibson
Paris Hilton
Iggy Pop
Christopher Walken
Dennis Hopper
George Clooney
Jack Nicholson
Zach Galifianakis
Justin Timberlake
Mickey Rourke
Zinedine Zidane
Jay-Z and many more that I don´t remenber his/her names
wait till you get 80years old......hehehehehe....
wow, how many faces are there? very interesting.
ketan dafda ; i am veri car"india
Nope can't recocognise anyone, lots of women with hairy upper lips though :)
Reminds me of the Peter Gabriel video from the 80's
Don't have to know these people, but a great photo/video....
What program are you using to create the morphs??
super tare,as vrea si eu acest program
Siento que algo trata de decir...
OMG!.....its so awesome...
how do they do it ?????????????????///////
excellent, anyone know the program they used to utilize this technology
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