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That hands.
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Guest in this motion :
1. The hands that dissected more than 8.000 bodies. Joseph Laskavy, a pathologist, 68 years old.
2. The hands that made nearly 20.000 cardiac operations. Leo Bokeriya, the chief cardiac surgeon of the Russian Federation, 65 years old.
3. The hands that dug up 150 tons of potatoes. Lidiya Morozova, a peasant, 78 years old.
4. The hands that tied over 3.000 pioneer ties. Lyudmila Sosnovik, a pioneer leader, 82 years old.
5. The hands that made 15.000 sessions of healing. Allan Chumak, 70 years old.
6. The hands that held 260 puppets. Vladimir Mikhitarov, a puppeteer, 59 years old.
7. The hands that built 33 houses. Nikolay Krasko, a builder, 51 years old.
8. The hands that played 5.000 violin concerts. Tatiana Grindenko, People’s Artist of Russia, 59 years old.
9. The hands that conducted 7.500 plastic operations. Alexey Borovikov, the head of the Institute of Plastic Surgery, 54 years old.
10. The hands that moved apart the mouth of a predator 4.116 times. Askold Zapashny, a predator trainer, 27 years old.
11. The hands that did more than 3.000 circumcisions. Ishaya Shafit, a mohel, 41 years old.
"F-cking awesome" would be such an understatement here! Absolutely love this!
Love it! For me, the more slow version is better, its my opinion. It's so relaxing and personal! Great job!
I prefer this version, the slower one!
It opened completely different than the others but I am glad it was this one I got to watch. Very touching.
Vraiment talentueux. J'aime bien tes montages !
Oh wow. Je viens de lire les mains qui etaient representees ds ce montage. Fascinant
This is so beautiful, love it
amazing hands- my digits are touching yours via my key board:)
so sincere , it's truly a wonder when you think about it..what can you do with your hands ; build, comfort,love , destroy , defend , make , relieve...etc, it's just so amazing indeed :)
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