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What was that about hats again?
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Guest in this motion : Van Gogh, Renoir, Cézanne, Segal, Henriquez, Desrosier, Macke, Sorolla, Von Motesiczky, Merritt Chase, Van Doesburg, Matisse, Van Dongen, Camoin.
Awe! Haha Good Job. (:
I really wish it was slowed down a bit so we could see each piece of art longer. Some very good artwork in there.
WOW, almost a 3D effect when viewing this one! Brilliant! The blinking works too!
looks like they are dancing :)
I love watching the mouth in these animations... it looks like chewing motion. For a while I thought this is broken, but the 9.2Mb file size explains the delay in loading.
Such an amazing effect! It is mesmerizing at many points.
wow!amazing! how can u make these transitions
Trippy... I never use IE but was testing something and just opened it up and happened to notice this pic running about 1/3 the speed that it does in Chrome. Cool in both!
Wonderful! Thank you Micaël.
That makes my head hurt, so I stopped. Thank God.
Very cool ! ;-) You really hit the spot with this one ! ;-)
Thanks for sharing~~btw,how to do it^^
Much more challenging than previous one, but here it goes:

1. Van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, 1886/87
2. Van Gogh, Self Portrait, 1887
3. Renoir, Young Girl with Long Hair, or Young Girl in a Straw Hat, 1884
4. Cézanne, Self-Portrait in a Straw Hat, 1875/76
5. Van Gogh, Portrait of Joseph Roulin, 1889
6. William Segal, Self Portrait in a Yellow Hat
7. Gabriel Hervé, Portrait de jeune femme au chien, 1868
8. ? Impressionist Girl With Hat Painting / Sunday, author: grittyjane ( or is it a copy, I don't know
9. Kees van Dongen, I couldn't find the title
10. August Macke, Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Hat, 1909
11. Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, Maria with Hat, 1910
12. Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, Self-portrait with Straw Hat, 1937
13. ??
14. Theo van Doesburg, Self-portrait with hat, 1906
15. Matisse, Woman with a Hat, 1905
16. Kees van Dongen: Lady in a Black Hat, 1908
17. ???
and again Van Gogh - Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, 1886/87 (loop)
Thank you very much /o/

Cool +Adam Kumiszcza
13. William Merritt Chase - Clara Stephens wearing a hat with an orange, 1913
17. Charles Camoin - Portrait de femme au chapeau, 1926
its toooooooooooo good but it would have been better if it was a little slow........ :)
This is wrong:
7. Camilo Henriquez Van den Borght - Jeune Chilien au chapeau

I've just read your first comment here which stated the authors, lol. So one more:

8. Jane DesRosier (=grittyjane), Impressionist Girl With Hat Painting
very nice work! congrats micaël!
+Micaël Reynaud This as been shared overnight many times. Let's play a game, name the painting each portrait comes from.
It fits very well with "Castles in the sky" by Ian Van Dahl
I now see it and thank you for your art/media art.
OMG ! 1534 shares ! +130's ! ;-O You hit the motherload ! ;-O
Does anyone else notice that a) the eyes always stay in the same spot, b) the moving mouths can make it look like the composite figure is perhaps chewing something, and c) that this can make you almost a bit seasick? ;-)
+G Dan Mitchell I think it's partly the fast rate . These are better at a slower rate . I think it would be better if the mouths lined up also . That is achieved by cropping to an average placement . It takes a lot of planning to do these . +Micaël Reynaud has progressed in technique very quickly already . I'm sure there will be more and improvements . I hope to do one myself . I've been studying it for years . Just experimenting mostly . The eye alignment is something that has been done a lot . It is very effective !
Eine sagenhafte faszinierende Animation
Another great one +Micaël Reynaud ! , have you considered uploading a tutorial of how to make these? They are cool :).
too bad it doesn't work on my ipad.....
Come to Africa. It slows down. I so love this. Way to go Micael.
Micael Reynaud had posted this animation, send your question to him
Greeting Pauly
Missionary in Tanzania says, " This is my only Museum." It save me time.
Someone said it was much slower in IE (can't find the comment just now to tag the person). I tried it and yes, it is so much slower in IE, it has a completely different feel! :-D
Mesmerising. Impressed with this, birth of a new artform methinks.
I want to post this movie on my fb.. do you have a link for me.. is it online somewhere besides uploaded here? thnxx
thank you! but eeehhhrm okeejjj but I want at least a picture to go along with the link.. that is not working on fb.. any tips on that? thnx
awesome.. check my fb in a bit.. This is my pre-weekend trip tip ;) lol
this is so nice - thanks for sharing, micael!
4000 shares checkpoint reached !!!
Many thanks :)
你也會來 Google+ 閒晃丫~ (^^)
Its make me dizzy after seeing for a long time
Lisa M
Bonne idée!
WOW that's cool. But I can't look at it to long. It's mesmerizing I love it.
Remake of MJ's Black or White ;-) 
I could only make out vincent..nice..Morphing?
Everyone has a bad hair days. But then again, there is hat head. Cool morph of classical paintings.
wow,,,,,,, it's very nice.. i love it,,,,,,
Check point : 10 000 shares !!!
Thank you very much :D
I love this and I would like to share this on FB but I think it doesn't work?
+Robert Woud Animated gif don't work in FB... I'll probably build a video version of "What was that about hats again?".
Idk.. An eerie discussion of sorts, im sure
My, what a lovely collection of portraits. Almost has a 3D affect when it's going fast… cool beans.
Mesmerizing! Amazing someone thought to do this…  Wonderful works of art! 
The hat Thing i was talking about was that they have Nightwing and Batman beyond New Era hats
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