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amalgamation (extracted from )
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Awesome!! All of those teeth!!!
The effect of changing face with smooth mask is much more smooth than morfing effect - I`ve found it many years ago.
Wow....amazing....I think there are those who can do just that! Shocking!
Now that would be a great app to have on my phone
YES! so nice to see another one of these!
What's the diagnosis in the DSMV for this phenomenon?
who has the time to do something like this?
Hmmmmm..... well some people have.......
i find it a bit creepy too. puts me in mind of that old godley and creme video, but even creepier
wow Micaël Reynaud i am found of ur updates .........
Oh you just had to get all 21st century with everyone to get a f**king thumbs up. I can't can't do a god damn thing on Google+ to even have 100 people follow me and reply to me!!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i agree Chantou Keo your comments..........
+Micaël Reynaud OK you got me on this one ! I have no idea how this was done ! You going to clue me in ? Please ;-) Anyone ?
there are circles of frens around...dont be lonely
Why donnnnoooooot see my photo in there????
kiran what is amazing in it..!!
very interesting as we are very similar in the eyes...
Been done before. Hardly origional and after 30 seconds, dam annoyng. Reminds me of "Cry" Video
"the picture is moving" thats what they are saying.
I mean who are these people? hehehe : )
Looks like they're saying "Help me please move in", LOL!
Jeff M
lol freaky ass hell!
LOL this is crazy i'm drunk nd i think im crazy lmao addme :)
It is like the Michale Jackson video but way cooler; IMO. :)
ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa
good photo dear
Thank you very much !
Here is the history of the Michael Jang portraits : "In 1983, a local TV station held a contest for anyone who wanted a chance at reporting the weather. My role was to take head shots of contestants after each screen test. Five winners were chosen out of nearly one hundred applicants. The pictures were never used, but I developed the negatives anyway (without proofing them). These images had been lost until recently and I am seeing them for the very first time."
Excellent work... Amazing flash... Thanx to the new technology and your collection.
this is cool. notice the SF hat in there.
It is amazing , this picture remind me to Professor niche
good.....very good....
This is too much... I would love to be able to create something like this.
creepy & neat all at the same time =D
Very cool, thanks for sharing!
gud exanple or image processing......
Michael Jackson did something similar to this in his "Black and White" video a hundred years ago
Oh..! its just a mind pumping......
This reminds me of the scramble suit in the novel A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick. Awesome.
yeah chindiya karderai, cheekkha marri photo makki
+Delia Milliman Thanks, this morphing trick is done with morphing and photo manipulation softwares (like Morph Sqirlz or Gimp).
wow!!!!!!!! thats what I call a tight effect.... I want it too, please.....

Overall rating
this is very awesome! : )
now Programmer make it stand in three D.....and walk around it make sure your program does not include my line cause Ill include ritchie in this hit.
as creepy as this is it's pretty cool.
o they had this last week 2!! + any teenages out there???
The kind of image we never would be able to see at Facebook! (animated gif!) ahahaha
This is the grossest thing I have ever seen. How do I get this annoying misuse of technology off of my computer screen?
how can i do that ? does anyone has tutorial about it
il y a beaucoups de vent et de temps !
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