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Best Overall #Game #Award Goes to…All The #DelicateDuplicates! [#indiedev #gamedev]

Amazingly tingle-fueled news: All The Delicate Duplicates has won the Open Arcade “Best Overall Game” Award at this years Game City Festival! Three games were nominated for this Best Overall Game Award, our very own, Akuto and The Last Leviathan.

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Talking Walking Sims With @ChineseRoom's Dan Pinchbeck. [#gamedev]

To think there was a time when a game like Dear Esther was seen as a radical concept. One so against the grain that it actually left some players enraged and decrying that its very existence was harmful to videogames. Ostensibly, there’s very little for…

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Knott’s Shuts Down ‘Insensitive’ Mental Hospital #VR Experience

Knott’s Berry Farm has shut down a virtual experience designed to take visitors through a mental hospital scenario at the urging of local mental health advocates who called it “insensitive.”“FEARVR” was an extra paid attraction of the park’s annual…

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All The #DelicateDuplicates Interview | Words About Games #EGX [#gamedev #indiegames]

Gary interviews Tracey McGarrigan about All The Delicate Duplicates, a digital fiction game about the relationship between a father and a daughter that is strained by arcane objects that they’ve inherited from Aunt Mo.

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1990s #VirtualReality Papers Collection Downloadable from the #InternetArchive.

This is a collection of papers, reports and concepts around the idea of Virtual Reality as presented in the years of 1990-1995. They are in a variety of formats ranging from text to Postscript and are offered in their original .ZIP archives from a CD-ROM…

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CMO of #Unity discusses #VR and the Next Generation of #Immersive Experiences

Clive presents his views on the quickly evolving VR space and the drive to create more immersive gaming experiences. Alongside a new virtual storytelling language, we’re seeing an evolving mixed medium that brings in physical sensation. From Unity’s use…

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Launch of "#GhostintheShell" Virtual Reality App Delayed [#VR #Anime]

The launch date of the “GHOST IN THE SHELL: THE MOVIE Virtual Reality Diver” smartphone app has been changed to Late Summer 2016.We have decided to delay the release for technical reasons, in order to meet our users’ expectations in terms of quality.…

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What would your favourite movie scene look like if you could explore it from within? Maybe there are hints about the story that we never saw because they were not in the picture, or maybe the new perspective gives an entirely new spin to what’s going on!…

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Listen to me on ABC Radio bangin' on about #AR, #elit, #TiltBrush/#VR, #PRISOM & monsters [be quick though as the interview is only up for 7 days]..

…so here’s a ABC radio interview with my fine self and the lovely Adelaide Rief about our upcoming speaking event as part of the “Future Possible” Series, during which I even made [some sort of] sense banging on about Augmented Reality, Digital Fiction,…

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Deets: #FuturePossible #VR #TiltBrush Talk/#Vive Demo at @ainslie_gorman.

In the 2nd edition of Future Possible, we’ll be questioning the future of the screen, and what the place of the plastic or 3D arts will be as we move towards an increasingly digital, back-lit life. Our provocateur for this conversation is Mez Breeze, an…
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