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After sweeping the Padres, the +New York Mets look to continue their hot play with a game against the Phillies at 1:10 pm. Jon Niese, Jeremy Hefner and Dillon Gee will be starting this series.

Series preview:

+1 if you think the Mets can continue their winning streak.
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And yes the Mets got shelled in game one against the Padres.
Hope they dont play angels they are my other favorite team
+Maddox Lee Yes but the Mets do play some AL Teams during intraleague.

+timothy orilly It does not look like the Mets are scheduled to play the Angels this year.
I must admit that is true but once they did play each other as far as i know and im hoping it wont happen
Hooray Hefner! Was happy to see an Okie on the team! Go Mets!
Sounds good!

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That was an awesome shot! I knew Duda had it in him!
I got tickets to the R. A. Dickey V.S C.C. Mets better win!
I love my Mets. Always will. But ownership needs to get a lot more serious about who gets to manage our beloved team. I don't believe they are doing their homework, thoroughly. That's my opinion.
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