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Last time the +New York Mets squared off against the Braves, they completed a clean sweep at Citi Field. Tonight they head into Atlanta for another three-game set, with the first pitch scheduled for 7:10 pm ET. Series preview:

+1 If you think the Mets repeat the series sweep of the Braves.
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They could do it if Dillon Gee can get a win tonight, but I just don't think he will. Therefore 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
I propose that everyone wears boxing gloves while on base. No more injuries diving back to the bag, please!
i dont think they will, but i hope they will
Maybe the hurt fingers aren't so bad after all. Bay!
OK, I was wrong, Gee has been EXCELLENT! They can sweep now. :)
+Mark Ruocco Can you name some other players that need to get hot? Your two both hit homers tonight!
I would like to see the Pelfrey that was so good in 2011, or was it 2010?
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