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The +New York Mets welcome the Marlins into Citi Field for the first time this season tonight at 7:10pm. Series preview:

+1 if you think the Mets can shut down the Marlins.
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To boo or to cheer tonight? That's the question.
No reason to boo Reyes. It's not like he turned down an offer from the Mets.
Mets game blacked out where I live. Maybe they're doing me a favor.
Mets have already gave us more to cheer for than expected. Wildcard shot?
Johan looking good so far. Offense needs to show up though.
Josh Johnson always saves best for the Mets. Need to scratch runs out. 
Jesus, why can't the METS EVER, EVER produce runs and a win for Santana! He's pitched gems like this before and still gets chipped of a win! so frustrating
Nice and another aim gogogogogogogogogogogogofofogog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard David Wright went yard too. Broke Darryl Strawberry's rbi mark.
Next up the Colorado Rockies. Hope the +New York Mets can keep the winning streak going.
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