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Evie and Sarah
Best friends. No small talk. Tune in to our 5-star podcast, Best Friend Banter. Intimate chats on everything from period to politics.
Best friends. No small talk. Tune in to our 5-star podcast, Best Friend Banter. Intimate chats on everything from period to politics.

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You won't believe what Evie's doing next week! In a special edition of Best Friend Banter, she considers the intersection of life experience, feminism, and a dash of vanity as she makes a Double D–size life decision. 

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The postman arrives with a package for you. You tear open the delicate tissue paper inside to find a whole outfit pieced together by a stylist, with your style and preferences in mind.

Meet Stitch Fix. Sound too good to be true, right? Well, we’ve both tried it.

Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t.

Listen in to our short and sweet chat on the newest episode of our podcast Best Friend Banter to find out!!

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Evie’s feeling energized after attending the Houston Women’s March—her first march ever!—but Sarah’s posing some tough questions: What was the goal? Why now? And where do we go from here?

We’re also tackling some of the touchy conversations that were broached before, during, and after the march about common goals in the face of “multiple and intersecting identities.” Who felt empowered? Who felt alienated? Who thought the whole damn March was a sham? Tune in!

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So happy to be partnering with Caryn at +Nicole Jocelyn Design to demonstrate just how eDesign works! Check out this adorable girls room Caryn helped me put together without ever stepping foot in the space. Perfection!

Right now, Nicole Jocelyn is offering Evie+Sarah readers a 30% discount on eDesign services! Visit for details.


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No more fundraising packets with passive aggressive "prizes." Please.

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If you've taken my Bullet Journal for Moms Challenge at Evie+Sarah, you know that most of the time, I focus my Bullet Journal on the practical, NOT the bells and whistles that turn so many busy moms off to Bullet Journaling. The honest truth is that keeping a Bullet Journal doesn’t require artisitic ability or even creativity.

But…if you happen to possess either one of these two, your Bujo can provide a beautiful space to let your creative juices flow. Today, I’m highlighting ten of the Bullet Journal gurus who inspire me to make my own journal beautiful every now and then.

{To sign up for the FREE 7-day challenge, click here:}

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If you’ve been reading our website for awhile, you know that one of our most popular essays is Sarah’s raw account of her experience as a military spouse, titled Ten Things about Military Wives you Probably Don’t Want to Know.

On the latest episode of our podcast, Best Friend Banter, Sarah is speaking candidly about her ten years as a military spouse; reacting to some of the positive and negative comments on the original essay; confessing about military friendships, marriage, and what it’s been like for the kids; and answering the question, “Would you do this all over again if you knew what you know now?”

If you've read the essay, you've got to hear this one! If you haven't, go read it right now and then check out the podcast!

#bestfriendbanter #evieandsarah #militarywives

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Time for a new episode of Best Friend Banter, our 5-star podcast! With back to school on everyone’s minds, we couldn’t resist a podcast on schools. This week we’re sharing our most awkward teacher moments (like what it’s really like to teach sex ed to high school students!), and what we really think about how a classroom should be run and managed. And with years of teaching experience behind us and totally different philosophies on education, it’s a super-charged conversation.

Tune in for our proudest and most embarrassing moments in the classroom as well as our biggest surprises when we sent our own kids off to the public school system.

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Is it a reasonable request for voters to present an ID to vote, or is it a prohibitive, ultimately racist practice? #election2016

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New episode of Best Friend Banter!! Thanks to everyone who's been tuning in! This week we're discussing what women are (and aren't) allowed to wear, from bikinis to burkinis, and discovering that these best friends have two very different definitions of modesty 
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