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Did you guys know the average prom is costing about 1,000 bucks this year!?  Seriously!  AND...that's down 14% from last year!  Gah.  Go feed a small county, teens...

All that disposable income...I have no idea what that's like.  Well, I guess all my income gets disposed of--just in the form of bill payment.  Which is so NOT fun.
Anyway...this was my office set up last night.  I was shootin' corsages--hence, the prom rant above.  The above photo is behind the scenes and the bottom is the finished product :)

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+mel peifer I heard this on the news from a couple of sources. I was aghast! I am all for kids having fun but let's be realistic about it all, it is a teenage prom. We could spend our money in much better ways, I think I will add you to my circles hope we can have some fun together!
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it's amazing how once the negative energy leaves your life how beautiful the little things start to look.  

sometimes, a forced charge is the only way i'll make any change--even if it is for the better :)  

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I very much agree. Indeed, for me, sometimes the negative energy serves to cleanse my sight.
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mel peifer

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So, I just discovered this thing called...YouTube?  Apparently it's a big thing in the 'moving picture' world.  Who knew!? my business grows and my 5-year, business plan becomes a reality--I'll be using this channel for all things businessy.   (Client videos, behind the scenes stuff and anything else I feel like subjecting you to :) )

SO...without further ado, (aka: more rambling on my end)--here's my first video. 
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so good!!!  this is just awesome!
I need to get on YouTube!!  
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Realizing that Season 6 of The Guild is now on Netflix has seriously hindered all 'real' productivity today.  

Either way, happy #floralfriday , folks!  

I'm going back to work four more minutes, that is...

Phalaenopsis Orchid

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So real I want to reach in there and pick that beautiful posey and stick it in a vase so I can keep enjoying it!
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Some of the flowers I work with look fake. perfect, they couldn't be real.  

edit below!

(You know, kinda like those FB status updates from that one know, the one who only posts the highlights and then pretends that's her whole life.  'Oh, church today was just so perfect, and all my children are so beautiful, and great at their sports, and straight A students.  Also, I'm so thankful for my ginormous, perfectly clean, house!  # blessed.'_  You know exactly who I'm talking about, don't you ;)  )

here's the edited part: 
I really should have let you know my inspiration for this.  No.  It was no one that I, actually know.  (I have the best, realest, and coolest, mommy friends ever :) Really.  I would not be able to survive some days without them.  Okay, most days.)  It was TOTALLY my favorite blog in the world: .  It's pure genius, on SO many levels.  Also, I might have, maybe, spent my morning reading it :)

Anyway, turns out, most of the flowers are real.  That mom though...well she's real in the physical sense...that's about it.

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oh gawd! i DO know who you're talking about!! i didn't realize she was in your feed too! ;D 

this flower is out of control. what kind is it?? 
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most days,  i don't even think about you.

when i do, it's only because i start to feel guilty that i don't miss you in my life at all.

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Sometimes, letting someone out of your life means that they can have someone more suited to them take your place.  It's okay.  Life is ebb and flow.  hugs
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All right...I'm totally sticking with this one.

I'm using a custom theme in Gmail on the Web and I think you'll like it too! Check it out on your desktop or laptop. #gmailthemes

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Who are you, wow I've seen you before. 
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mel peifer

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it's all about  b a l a n c e ...or, so i've been told.

it's funny the things that make us feel 'balanced' when we're searching.  

for me to quickly find a center...i need black coffee, and some skate park, punk music, and a list.  it's the only way i can speed my body up to where my brain already is--all while keeping organized.  i also need to see results of things quickly to keep motivated.  (even if it's just in the form of a website update taking effect...)

cheers to balance--in however you find it.
and to #floralfriday  
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And the observation ofvit as an example which is totally obtuse cuz it doesn't really make the parallel. Yah know?
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mel peifer

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Almost 20 years ago I thought I'd be the one in the photos with him someday.  After so many ups and downs, and an amazing daughter of our own--here I am, on the other side of the camera, photographing him and his new family.

Life is such an incredible thing.  I can't imagine life any different for either of us now.  Things feel right, and are right, and I am proud to be the one there, capturing these moments for them all to look back on and smile at someday.  Maybe even in another 20 years :)
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back when she was little i said...

i want her to be confident in her surroundings and in herself.
i want her to be be a critical thinker.
i want her to question everything.
i want her to be a leader.
i want her to be a free thinker.
i want her to feel valued.
i want her to be empathetic in order to be more understanding of everyone.

those aren't always things that come easily to me.  i've struggled with many of them.  but, i recognize it, and, i've forced myself to change and evolve.  i never wanted to be trapped by my insecurities for the rest of my life, nor did i want to trap my daughters in them.

i've spent my life working on being better, so they can be better.  so maybe they won't have to struggle with the same insecurities that i've struggled with.  so, maybe they'll have a huge head start in life--and not have to battle all those battles later.

as they get older...all i can do is watch.  and praise.  and try to correct.  and force more thought.  and encourage more empathy to find understanding.  as i get older, i find constant reminders, through them, to do the same...if i expect growth from them, i am no one to stop, myself.

all right pre-teen we go.
did i get it right when she was little?  

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You did, and have fun with that pre-teen! Mine turned into a wonderful teen, I am sure your's will be everything you wrote, because you are everything you wrote :)
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