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Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor | Author of EFT For Network Marketers
Hi. My name is Melodie Kantner. I live in rural Southeast Ohio with the sweetest man on earth, my husband Mark, and a noisy parrot named Barney. I also have a 32 year old son named Brandon. I am a successful full time distributor with Young Living Essential Oils. I have been with Young Living for over 17 years. Brandon and his wife are also full time distributors with Young Living.

Before I got into Young Living Essential Oils Mark and I were award winning but, struggling artists. We wanted to have the freedom of working from home so we expanded our part time jewelry design business. We worked at jewelry design marketing our flame-worked glass beads, copper enamel and gemstone designs in boutiques and art shows. What started out as fun became more and more difficult. It was a struggle to make ends meet. Depression set in making it more difficult to earn a living. When you are living off your income, you have to create art even you don't feel like it. Something we loved doing was becoming a drudgery, especially packing up everything and hauling it off to art shows. During that time we also did crappy jobs to fill in the extra income we needed. One job was working for an inventory company crawling around in stores counting inventory, usually in the middle of the night.

After a couple years of living like that, we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. It was not the business opportunity that got my attention at first. I knew about network marketing, in fact I had been in another company at the time that marketed herbal supplements. Nothing exciting there and I was not inspired to get involved with another network marketing company. What got me inspired with Young Living was the life changing products. I was suffering EXTREME depression. In fact, it was so bad I was wishing I could die. My mother, who had just started using Young Living products, knew how serious my depression was so she brought me her Essential 7 Kit and Abundance Oil to see if it would help.

The Essential 7 Kit had Joy oil in it but I was drawn to the Abundance Oil. Later I found out that, not only is Abundance oil designed to help attract abundance but I found that it is very mood uplifting, especially with things associated with money issues. Abundance oil smells wonderful. WOW! What a smell! The most awesome part is that within minutes my mood was lifted so much that I was singing and dancing around the house. Brandon lived at home with us back then but he was working at a graphics design company. He came home from work to find me singing and "acting weird." He asked if I was, "on something."

Since then, I have never returned to that level of depression. Yes, I occasionally have down days but never like I had back then. There are lots of oils that are mood uplifting. That is my favorite thing about the oils.

That is also where my Young Living Business started. My life changing experience ignited a passion in me for sharing these oils with people. I started thinking about how many people could benefit from the oils. If I could feel the shift within minutes, how easy it would be to put a drop of oils on someone who was depressed and help them feel a similar shift. That is so much easier than trying to sell herbal supplements that take weeks or sometimes even months for people to feel any changes in their body.

I still do my art for my own pleasure but it is not for an income. I love what I do with Young Living. I get to meet so many amazing people and have a part in changing people's lives.

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