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Can a "good" Christian be mentally ill? What does the Bible say about mental illness?

#faithandmentalillness #faith #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #bipolar #mentalillness #nostigma

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Why is it so difficult to live in THIS moment, not in regret or longing for the past, or in dread or longing for the future. We can't be mentally and spiritually healthy if we're not fully engaged in our NOW.

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I was awake too early this morning. Spinning thoughts keeping me from returning to the sleep I longed for.

Dawn didn’t break. It oozed. Weak, gray light sank through my east-facing window as the sun sullenly took the sky.

So different from yesterday. Bright sunlight streamed through the window, nudging me awake like it couldn’t wait to share the day with me. Did I smile at its exuberance?

It was a good morning...

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Job’s friends were right that God punishes wrongdoing, whether it is blatant or hidden. But they didn’t look further. They focused on one truth, uninformed by the rest of what God had revealed of Himself by that time in history.

#LIstenWhenHe Speaks #biblestudy #scripture #scripturewriting #wisdom #theology

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I sat in my uncomfortable metal folding chair as the giant tent cleared. A few hundred women gathered on a campground to step back from the day-to-day, enjoy fellowship, and praise God. I felt alone. No one could possibly understand how I felt. None of the women I came with would even think about doing what I did.

#mentalhealthandfaith #infidelity #faith #bipolardisorder #identity

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We admire the wise, usually older, believers in our lives. We seek their counsel, but are we listening? Too often we seek validation under the guise of asking for advice. I guess you could say we’d rather feel better, than be better.

Even when we truly crave and submit to the wisdom of godly mentors, too many of us feel inadequate to become a godly mentor. What should we do about that? How can we grow in wisdom?

#wisdom #faith #spiritualgrowth #biblestudy #scripturewriting

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A lot of good stuff in one small book.
#parenting #bookreview

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You were created with intent, uniquely designed to fulfill God’s purpose at this time in history. Don’t let it overwhelm you, but the Body of Christ needs you to do your part.

Even if you’re feeling like a nose hair, or something else hidden away, less than attractive when sticking out in the light of day.

But even nose hairs are important. When something that doesn’t belong enters the nose, a nose hair gets upset. It stimulates the flesh around it, and incites a sneeze. Sneezes aren’t always met with joy; they can be unpleasant. But they’re effective to get rid of something that doesn’t belong and could harm the body. Hmmm… Not a bad job.

Whatever your part in the Body in this season, you’re perfectly fit to fulfill God’s purpose right where you are.

#mentalillness #faith #mentalillnessinthechurch #stigma #mentalhealthandfaith #church

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As spring gets hold of my corner of the world, all the green things wake and practically burst with vital new growth. Spring loses her reticence and overcomes the seeming-death of winter.

#ListenWhenHeSpeaks #growth #Biblestudy #Scripturewriting #spiritualgrowth
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