Bohemian Nights - Sunday

It was a GREAT day at +Bohemian Nights® at NewWestFest. What can I say, I'm a singing #zombie fan. But let me start at the beginning.

I started out today's concert extravaganza with Danielle Ate the Sandwich. They were very good. Sometimes Danielle talked more than she should have, but for the most part her banter was a lot of fun and it made the concert feel much more like a "we're all meeting at the park to chat and play around on some instruments" rather than a formal "we perform, you listen" sort of thing. Rob and the girls got there a little late because they were trapped (as I had been yesterday) when passing by the singer/songwriter tent. I think the guy they heard was Chris somebody or other. Rob bought his CD so I'll probably be listening to that later. 

We had to leave Danielle Ate the Sandwich a tad bit early for my favorite show of the weekend, +Widows Bane. You know, there are parents who make their kids do things they don't want, but I'm probably the only mom who's ever forced their kids to go to a zombie polka folk concert. I told them they could go anywhere they wanted before and after, but they Had to see Widows Bane. Yes, they're that much fun to watch. They have good music, too. But if I had to choose between getting a free CD and getting a free concert, I'd go with the concert. (By the way, you can download their songs from +eMusic if you're on there. I tried to post a link from emusic once and it looked like crap, so I wrote to the emusic people on G+ and never got a response. Their G+yness is next to non-existant.) :-P   After seeing all the concerts I saw (and I saw such extraordinarily great shows this weekend, I can't even begin to gush enough over them all) if I had to go back and relive it and I could only pick one show to see, it would be the zombies. They're just too much fun to miss. 

We stuck around for DeVotchka, even though we'd never seen them before and knew absolutely nothing about them. Theirs was Rob's favorite show of the day. They're incredibly talented, several of them played a jillion instruments each (I love watching musicians switch between instruments. I don't know why. I just think it's awesomely cool.), and they had this really, really funky cool wooden box thingy that made weird sounds. It's hard to beat that. (Yes, I got photos of the weird box thingy. Someone please tell me what that is.) It was well worth sticking around for them. It was kind of a russian, spanish, calypso, gypsy thing. Really interesting. 

I'm so ridiculously impressed that the Bohemian Foundation pays for all of this and we get to enjoy it all for free. It blows me away every year. Thank you Pat Stryker! You rock!
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