Bohemian Nights at New West Fest -- Friday

We had a great time at +Bohemian Nights® at NewWestFest yesterday (except for the last bit, which I'll get to).

We started out at Library Park (which used to be Lincoln Park once upon a time. Just a little historical tidbit there for you.) with Patti Fiasco. They were a lot of fun to watch, though the sun was right in our eyes at that point. Next was Muskateer Gripweed which is always a fun show (though I think they did better last year when they had a bigger stage and could move around a bit more). I discovered that one of my neighbors is a Muskateer Gripweed groupie. 

Then we headed over to the Linden stage to see +Fierce Bad Rabbit (who need to switch from being a person to a page on G+, but at least they're here!) and were really wowed. I don't think we'd ever seen them before and the violin was wonderfully mixed into the music. My husband also like the use of the bass and the guitar playing, but I was too enthralled by the violin to notice that, I think. ;-) Unfortunately we couldn't stay for their whole show because we also wanted to see Euforquestra who were playing on the Mountain stage. I know one of the guy's in the band but had never seen him play with them, so even though they don't really play my kind of music, we headed over there and were really impressed by the quality of music. They did a fantastic job. 

Then the crowd moved in big time and +Michael Franti & Spearhead moved onto the stage. We had never heard them before so we didn't know what to expect, but to be honest, we were rather disappointed after the other shows we'd just seen. They definitely didn't have the energy (but then, who has the energy of Muskateer Gripweed? Is it even possible to match them?) but they also didn't seem to have the passion for the music that some of the other bands we'd just watched had. It all felt rather de rigueur for them. You do the twirlies. You act the part of the badass guitarist. But there wasn't the band interaction, the rapport with the crowd, or the passion for the music that we'd seen that night with the local bands. 

So we decided to leave after a couple of songs and that's when things got a bit spooky. We tried to go out the way we came in (to the west on Mountain) and were blocked off by security and a crush of people. Security pointed at a gate to the north we could leave by, but when we got there we found a fence to the east and a security guard blocking a gate to the west. They finally let us out that way through another crush of people. We honestly felt like we were getting in trouble for leaving. And if someone had pulled out a gun at that moment, things would have gotten seriously scary seriously fast. I don't know how people can stand concerts that are that packed. And not being able to get out was a bit on the frightening side. 

I'm looking forward to several bands today. I'll be starting out with the +Lincoln Jam band at 12:30, the Hollyfields at 1:35, The Holler at 4, (There's someone at 3 that Omi wants to hear, but I don't remember who it is.), and of course Alison Krauss at 8:50 (I think. My schedule gets iffy when I expand it on the screen.) I think we'll head for Library park for that since the Mountain stage was such a mess last night for Franti. 

Oh, and check out the Bohemian Nights Shwag on Marty in my pics. He was really rockin' that thing (and tried it on several different ways.) I finally turned mine into a ponytail holder to get my hair off my neck. It was really hot in the beginning but things cooled down and we had a nice sprinkling of moisture in there for a bit. Looking forward to today's music!
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