Bohemian Nights - Saturday

I started off my musical tour of +Bohemian Nights® at NewWestFest  yesterday with the +Lincoln Jam band. I was so pleased that I remembered to bring the zoom lens on my camera... only to realize that the camera battery was still at home in the kitchen, charging. Doh! So I don't have any photos of them, though I did grab some video. So I may post that later. I believe this bunch only have one more concert and then the new Jam Band will be forming up for the coming year. 

Then I was heading to Old Town Plaza but got caught along the way by +Steve Eulberg. I got to see him perform two songs before his set was over. I then continued on to Old Town Plaza where I saw the Hollyfelds perform several songs. They were great. Next up was the Haunted Windchimes who I'd never heard before. They were also excellent. 

My daughter had wanted to see singer/songwriter Sarah Louis Pieplow, so I bugged out of the Haunted Windchimes a bit early and saw SLP have the stage almost fall down around her. But she was great at rolling right along with her set despite the backdrop wanting to hug her during a song. So I got to hear her perform a few songs before heading right back to Old Town Plaza where it was now jam packed with people. The Holler! was performing and they were probably great. But, and this is something I want to do an entire post on some day, I've found that concerts with just music aren't interesting to me. I like to be able to see the band and their interactions with one another. The connections made while playing are really interesting and if I can't see them, then I find the music alone isn't nearly as attention grabbing for me. When the Holler! was playing, there were so many people blocking the stage in order to dance that I don't know that anyone could see the band from any angle (except maybe the people standing behind). It made me wish they had a dance area so they could enjoy the music their way and I could still see the band so I could enjoy it my way. 

Today we'll be heading over to the Mountain stage to catch a few more shows. Looking forward to it. 
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