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I'm not trying to be disagreeable. I just want to get at the truth.
I'm not trying to be disagreeable. I just want to get at the truth.

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I've searched the net on this topic and came up empty. So I decided to write my own perspective on Christianity and how it relates to historic preservation. 
Rolling into a new year is often a time of self-reflection and assessment. I have been thinking a lot about how I spend my time and as I get more actively involved in historic preservation in northern Colorado, I've had to ask myself, is this where I want my focus to be?

As a Christian, my world-view leads me to look at things through the lens of the Bible. So that's what I decided to do. And I've hopefully written in such a way that though this article is full of Scripture quotes, even if you're not a Christian you might still find a lot of good information and tidbits worthy of reflection in regards to historic preservation.

So no matter what your background or point of view, I hope you'll find this article to be interesting. And I'd love to hear your thoughts and your own point of view.

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I'm in love!
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Clay with antibiotic properties, even against resistant strains of bacteria. That's kinda cool.

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Giving antibiotics to cattle as part of their regular diet leads to greatly increased levels of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, being produced as their dung decomposes.

What a great example of how we make a decision to do such and such, only to find out decades down the road that there were substantial unintended consequences with what we were doing. We've known that giving antibiotics proactively to cattle has increased bacterial resistance to the drugs. But this is an example of how the unintended consequences progress down through the food chain.

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This is an interesting article on the current economy and what businesses need to do to stay healthy in our changing and unstable world economy. It's by Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE. His thesis is that companies need to localize to be nibble, to get around protectionist barriers, and to do the most good for the people in the countries where they have a presence. It's an interesting read.

"Change requires new business models that are leaner, faster, more decentralized. Complex and centralized bureaucracies are obsolete. GE is pushing capability to local teams who are empowered to take risks without second guessing."

"Success requires hundreds of little things, and decisions made with a local context. A good global leader has an appreciation for how people do their work in a local culture. They try to make a teams’ work meaningful to their country. This allows us to hire the best talent in every country where we compete."

"Over time I realized that progress counts for more than perfection and that anything worthwhile takes persistence and resilience."

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This is incredibly cool. Must have taken forever to put together with lots of trial and error.

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Here's some pics I took on Wednesday. 

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Pics from my walk on Monday. 

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Just because everyone knows it's true doesn't mean it is. And just because someone's debunked it doesn't mean that's true either. 

Falling down the rabbit hole of truth....
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