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so it goes.
so it goes.

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my nexus 6 stopped working - two months out of warranty. tried everything i could think of/google. won't respond in any way.

any ideas?

in the meantime i am using a low end blu r1 hd i got for $60 on amazon, but i miss my nexus experience... and pokemon go AR doesn't work on the thing.

meanwhile, my nexus 7 is still chugging along, despite a wonky charge port.

I wish my Nexus 6 came with a working LED and tap to wake, even if I had to go in to adjust settings or enable it.

I had to do some weirdness just to get a useful battery meter.

I remembered last night when my completely dead battery somehow gave my phone a green light that i used to have LED notifications.

the lack of LED and tap to wake almost make me miss my oneplus one. almost... when it worked.

anyone know WHY the LED is disabled on the 6?

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The newest way to get your caffeine fix: peanut butter

nom nom 

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glitches galore.
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hi there. level 47 player here. i usually play twice a day.

i'm looking to get some new neighbors after clearing out my list of people who weren't playing.

if you would like to add me, i'm scr4bbl3.

...why am i still collecting dna strands when i can't do anything with the dna strands i am collecting?

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Escalator out of order?

won't you be my neighbo(u)r?

i play daily. multiple times a day on the weekends/days off.
i'm a bored repeat level 38.
i have plenty of free spots for neighbors.
please add me.
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