The Congressional Budget Office's "2012 Long-Term Budget Outlook" shows hope for the U.S. budget, so why are the media hyping a "dire" and "grim" scenario?

Is it possible that some of them are not too keen on the reality that it is possible to maintain Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security while reducing national debt? Oh, the horror!
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Gloom and doom have taken over the media worldwide. Even here, in Australia our numbers came out at 4% year and yet the media is looking for a black lining. Either the media is 'dark' or ignorant. I think the latter. Either way, they do not want what's best for the public.
You've misread the CBO, I think.  Both scenarios are in fact pretty grim.  Quoting Ezra Klein:  'In the “extended baseline scenario,” which is the one currently written into law, we don’t have a debt problem, but we have much higher taxes and, in the short-term, a likely recession. In the “alternative” scenario, we’ve got a huge debt problem, but lower taxes and less short-term austerity.'
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