Megyn Kelly has spent years peddling bigotry and propaganda that hurts women, people of color and LGBT people. Anyone pretending she's a champion for anyone is seriously misinformed.

Media outlets praised Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after her contentious interview with former Speaker of the House and current Fox contributor Newt Gingrich over allegations of sexual assault against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, declaring her a “feminist icon” and “a consistent voice for women’s issues.” But Kelly has har
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Megyn kelly should run for Republican presidential candidate in the next election. She has the look.
Who do you work for media matters? I think the cat is out of the bag.
Fuck the pervert republican party. 
Every body know her very well because she is always playing in people's heart but she doesn't know that aero will be return to her it's circul of nature.....🤔
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