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Meccanotecnica is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic book sewing machines and lines for book finishing within the offset and digital printing.
Meccanotecnica is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic book sewing machines and lines for book finishing within the offset and digital printing.


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The first Universe Sewing Sheet-Fed was recently installed at ABC Press, a printing and bookbinding company situated in Cape Town (South Africa).
"We were looking for a machine able to produce outstanding books, like the one with open spine for example, that highlight this premium binding technique to open up new market opportunities".
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Enterprise Nationale Des Artes Graphiques (ENAG), is the biggest printer and bookbinder government company in Algeria, with about 500 employees.
The company has recently invested in asterTOP, the first installation of this model both in Algeria and in the North of Africa.
“asterTOP was the ideal solution for our production requirements. We were looking for a machine able to meet our needs in term of format and performance”, confirmed Mr. Hamladji, sales director of Enag. “We also decided to invest in Meccanotecnica’s product because of the efficient after sales service and the good reputation of the aster brand.”
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Printing House BukiVedi, located in Moscow, is the first company in Russia that has installed Inline, modular and multifunctional book finishing line.
“From the introduction of the new machine different opportunities are opening in front of us. We can now produce small orders with higher quality allowing our company to be more flexible and to use our production capacity and manpower in a rational and efficient way. Shortly after the installation, we made different jobs with a faster turnaround and already notice the benefits from this investments” said the managing director Mr. Mihail Avramenko.
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Hucais Printing Group is one of the top 10 printing company in China and one of the biggest digital printer in Asia.
After the introduction of two Universe Sewing Web-fed last September, another book sewing unit was purchased to further boost productivity of the digital division.
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Meccanotecnica’s solutions feature several characteristics that enable to monitor and automate book production.
Innovative functions such as JDF Programming, Web Connectivity and, for the Universe Family, the Auto-programming feature, together with the easy to use graphic interface, allow you to take advantage of the digital age and of Industry 4.0.
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Hucais Printing Group, one of the top ten printing company in China, has recently invested in a Meccanotecnica's book finishing line composed of two Universe Sewing Web-fed, automatic book folding and sewing units, and one Inline, modular and multifunctional back gluing line.
The new line is the innovative ROLL-to-BOOK solution for sewing books directly from the pre-printed roll.
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Simolini Printing House, based in Sofia (Bulgaria), has recently invested in a new Universe Sewing.
The new machine, the first of this kind installed in the country, is the ideal solution to open up new market opportunities allowing to produce high quality lay flat sewn books from digitally printed sheets in a cost-effective way.
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Meccanotecnica presents the new TRIMMING, fully automatic three-knife trimmer.

Trimming is the new compact solution that offers high quality cutting and manages a wide range of sizes.
It features fully automated and quick set-up without changing parts, allowing cost-effective production of short and medium runs.


1. Fully automated and quick set-up without changing parts.
2. Front-cutting of books with folded-in flaps.
3. Compact solution with small footprint.
4. High quality cutting is guaranteed by extremely robust frames with innovative design.
5. Trimming of wide range of book sizes.
6. Prompt and efficient after sales service.

To find out more about Trimming: watch the video and download the catalogue from the solution page:


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INLINE is Meccanotecnica new multifunctional and modular book finishing line.

This solution enables multiple forms of finishing, expanding your business opportunities and widening your premium quality offer to the market.

Inline allows you to perform: paperback production, the Otabind method and hard cover preparation handling either sewn or perfect bound book blocks.

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#HID17 Day 3 - Great Team producing thousands of Premium lay flat books 📚 every day #liveproduction #Meccanotecnica #Bookyourfuture
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