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What we can do with our High-Quality Equipment:

-Re-Piping the Water and Sewer Line
-Clean and Unstop Sewer Lines
-Sewer Machine, Form Cutter Heads
-Spring Heads, Retrieval Heads
-We've Worked for City Governments with Our Jetter
-Video Camera System for Inspecting Sewer Lines
-Water Circulating Systems
-Working on and Installing All Brands of Water Heaters

Online at
Call us at 903.592.7764

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Customer Testimonial for McIntyre Plumbing:

"Thank you for those two very nice gentlemen who came to help me yesterday, and for their fine service ... and for your VERY reasonable price! I will certainly use your company for my plumbing needs from now on!

Debbie F."

View more Customer Testimonials about McIntyre Plumbing here:

Call us at 903.592.7764
Visit us online at

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Customer Testimonial for McIntyre Plumbing:

"Dear Employees of McIntyre Plumbing,
Please let me take a moment of your time to say how favorably impressed my wife and I were with your courtesy and professionalism when we needed help.
Most recently on last Thursday at six AM when we discovered a hot-water slab-leak had flooded the utility room, breakfast room, kitchen, den, and Fred’s home-office with hot water.

A call to McIntyre brought Joey Plunket and his crew to start the investigation of where the leak was located under the house cement slab. Joey located the big leak just under the slab at the hot water heater. As it later turned out, the water invaded the house through the slab just behind the washing machine six feet from the water heater. The drain pipe for the washer and the sewer vent pipe beside it both had mounds of “builder’s clay and silt” where the pipes went through the slab. This indicated that water flow had come up through the slab and flooded the interior of the house from this point.

We agreed that the house needed to be plumbed with the latest over-head plumbing. In short, we don’t want to go through this again. Joey said once it starts (slab leaks) you can expect it again - on either the hot or cold water pipes in the house.

A work schedule was set up with a starting date of the next Monday. Early Monday morning, Dennis Katruska and Heith Rogers arrived with lots of equipment and supplies. The work began.

Dennis and Heith were both polite and always ready to answer our questions. They worked fast and efficiently - they both knew what they were doing. Three days later after cutting holes in the walls for the new pipes and threading them through the attic - and then insulating the exposed pipes, the job was complete.

The rest of the clean-up and repairs are now in the process of getting two grateful seventy year old seniors back to normal.

I first found out about McIntyre Plumbing through listening to KTTB radio in Tyler. Mike Edwards always said good things about the company in his advertizing commercials. He always praised them for their courtesy and professionalism. We can certainly agree with his assessment.

Our first experience with McIntyre was two years ago when I called them to help me with a complex natural gas hook-up with a gas grill on the patio.

Buddy Pringle and his helper showed up and we started to assess the problem. We were having trouble getting gas delivery to the grill. I can still see Buddy sitting on the patio with the grill gas-line and the “quick-disconnect” connection in his hands. Buddy said, “Here is the problem. It is in the “quick-disconnect.” He was right. During the job two McIntyre managers came out to the job-site to help figure out what was wrong. During that time, they were all polite and courteous and quick to answer and discuss my problem. Simply put, they got the job done and done right.

Our second experience with McIntyre was about a year ago with an in-the-wall drain line from the kitchen sink to the sewer line. Again Buddy Pringle showed up to fix the problem. He quickly determined that the line was filled with corrosion and this was the reason for the very slow draining of the kitchen sink. After a “rotor-router” job, the drain flowed fine.

We know that owners of McIntyre must be proud of their staff. They know that employees are the most important asset they have in their business.

When the telephone rings at the office, the employee who picks up the phone has no idea if the person at the other end is a supplier or a seventy year old couple who has hot water all over their kitchen floor. Courtesy and communication start with those first words.

When McIntyre’s first responder rings the doorbell, they have no idea what they are walking into. He or she must act accordingly and assure the distraught client that they can quickly solve the problem and do it right. When the confidence that the employee transfers to the client is completed - you can almost see the relief in the client’s faces. “The Calvary has arrived.” Everything will be OK.

It is all about polite and courteous communications folks. In our experience, McIntyre has trained their staff well. It shows.

Their prices are very reasonable -- much to the relief to this semi retired couple.

It is our understanding that McIntyre is now having a new advertising program underway. They have my permission to use this letter as they wish.
Sincerely Yours,

Fred H. Marshall
Tyler, Texas 75703"

View more customer Testimonials about McIntyre Plumbing here:

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