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PSA: BuzzCard may be ordered online Fall 2018 (according to BuzzCard Center phone attendant).

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Hi I'm trying to decide which way to install the tools for this course:

1. Centos in Vagrant
2. Docker in AWS EC2 (Alternative)

The literature states that #1 is recommended. I'm wondering if this is on account of it being more difficult to make installation mistakes on. This being the case, I would someone let me know if #2 is easier to use once installed.

Just went through the GraphX portion of the Sun Lab crash course... it was a bear. I would like to know if I need to invest more time in understanding this. Is this subject in any homework or project?

I see a Scikit-learn section in the Sun Lab crash course. Do any of the actual class homework require Scikit-learn?

I will be starting this course in the Spring 2018. Can I turn in homework that I developed w/ Spark 2.2 (as opposed to the version in the provided vm, 1.3.1 (:O))?

Hi, anybody taking bd4h next semester and would like to meet and/or prep?

I need to get my past semester grades on GT letterhead w/ my name. Buzzport doesn't seem to offer that. Does anybody know how to go about getting that?

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whenever I attempt to login to udacity through my gatech acct by clicking on the "Georgia Tech" icon (and getting redirected to the buzzport signon page), I get "This account does not exist". I have registered for a course yesterday afternoon.

I registered for DVA over 24 hours ago but I haven't received any info. I would love to start the lectures as soon as possible. Can anyone help me out w/ the DVA Udacity URL and, perhaps, the syllabus? :)

DVA in NYC study group anyone?
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