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Hank's Breadcrumbs Recovered and Suspected Sites 
25/36 (5 October 2015)
Please assist in hacking for media drops.

Possible drop sites are related to the works of the three Romantic poets, Percy, Mary and Byron, Kipling and other horror stories from the 19th century.
Recovered Breadcrumbs

1. Shelley Keats Museum, Rome - Fate (
2. Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, London - Adonaïs (
3. Ramses II, British Museum, London - Ozymandias (
4. Burg Frankenstein, Germany - Frankenstein (
5. Byron's Meadow, Lake Geneva, Switzerland - Villa Diodati (
6. Castle Drachenfels ("dragon rock") - Königswinter, Germany
7. Radcliffe Camera, Oxford - location of old Bodleian Library where the original manuscripts of Frankenstein are stored (
8. A portal in London (location uncertain) - Harriet Shelley suicide (
9. Site of Niantic Ship, San Francisco - Josiah Harlan (
10 Possibly from Bram Stoker Festival 2014 - Dracula (
11. Viareggio, Italy - Percy's Death (
12. Jekyll & Hyde, Edinburgh - Jekyll and Hyde (
13. Merrion Square. Dublin - Dorian Gray (
14. Dublin - Ghost (
15. Maritime Museum, San Francisco - Calvin (
16. Sherlock Holmes Statue, Edinburgh - Sherlock Holmes and Doyle (
17. Near Kipling's house at Charing Cross, London - Kipling (
18. John William Polidori Plaque, London - Polidori and Vampyre (
19. Balscadden House in Howth, Dublin - W.B. Yeats and The Rough Beast in The Second Coming (
20, Alamo Cenotaph  - Borak and Josiah Harlan (
21. Memories in Chester, Pennsylvania - Josiah Harlan, The Modern Alexander (
22. Coleridge Cottage,  Somerset, UK - Kublai Khan (
23. Provincetown, MA Pilgrim Monument - Essex (
24. Horsham, UK (Possibly at Rising Universe or Shelley Fountain) - N'zeer (
25. Track Rock Gap - Mayan Mystery (
Suspected Sites for Hank's Breadcrumbs - (will be updated)
Please check these places if you can. Thanks.

1. Shelley drew the inspiration for "A Summer Evening Churchyard, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, UK.",-1.690515&z=19&pll=51.693941,-1.690686

2. Annesley Hall, Nottingham, UK
Described in The Dream written at Villa Diodati in 1816,-1.250818&z=17&pll=53.06624,-1.250807

There is a building of similar name in Toronto.,-79.392829&z=17&pll=43.667467,-79.39292

3. Duchess of Devonshire’s London house, at 13 Piccadilly Terrace, London, UK
Reading of Kubla Khan,-0.138672&z=19&pll=51.508484,-0.138505

4. Tomba di Dante in Ravenna, Italy,12.200375&z=18&pll=44.416161,12.200832
And the area called Palazzo Guiccioli, at the center of Ravenna

5. John Murray, London, UK
Another location related to Leigh Hunt and Lord Byron, John Murray the publisher which bought Hunt's Story of Rimini through Byron in 1816. 50 Albemarle St

6. Burg Frankenstein,  Mühltal, Germany,8.668326&z=17&pll=49.793015,8.668208
Drop Found 15 Oct 2014

Frankenstein Castle (German: Burg Frankenstein) is a hilltop castle in the Odenwald overlooking the city of Darmstadt in Germany. It is alleged that this castle may have been an inspiration for Mary Shelley when she wrote her 1818 Gothic novel Frankenstein.

7. Memorial to Peterloo Massacre, Manchester, UK,-2.24684&z=17&pll=53.478068,-2.246767
Ode to the West Wind was written by Percy while he was in Florence but he was thinking of this massacre when he wrote it.

8. British Library,-0.127676&z=17&pll=51.529085,-0.127089
The entire poems of Adonais and Alastor, and a revised edition of Queen Mab.

9. Keswick,-3.141689&z=17&pll=54.601817,-3.141867
Percy stayed with Robert Southey at Lake District, the period when Queen Mab was written.

10. Weisser Hirsch, Dresden,13.825579&z=16&pll=51.063672,13.821878
Birthplace of Friedrich Laun who jointly edited Gespensterbuch

11. Byron and Ada's Burial Ground at St Mary Magdalene church, Hucknall
Lord Byrons Statue,-1.204884&z=17&pll=53.039451,-1.205301
Lord Byron's Final Resting Pla,-1.204884&z=17&pll=53.038953,-1.20612

12. Drachenfels  (Dragon's Rock)
Lord Byron visited this location and incorporated it into his epic poem cycle "Childe Harold": recovered 18 Oct 2014,7.21022&z=17

13. Bodleian Library
The original manuscripts of "Frankenstein" are held here:,-1.254668&z=18

14. Dracula Bench and Grave at Whitby, UK
Dracula Bench, the commemorative plaque indicating the place where Stoker was inspired to use Whitby as the setting for Dracula,-0.61583&z=18&pll=54.489171,-0.61551

Dracula's Grave, at Whitby,-0.612041&z=17&pll=54.488755,-0.609046

15. Shelley Fountain at Horsham, UK 
An extract from Shelley's 1817 poem 'Mont Blanc' appears on a plaque on the sculpture,-0.329774&z=18&pll=51.063438,-0.33228

16. Bran Castle, Transylvania
Commonly known as Dracula's Castle,25.367139&z=17&pll=45.514893,25.367552

17. Medizinhistoriches Museum, Ingolstadt
Victor Frankenstein's alchemy lab at University of Ingolstadt,11.417043&z=17&pll=48.762425,11.419316

18. John William Polidori Plaque, London
Author of Vampyre,-0.133097&z=17&pll=51.51155,-0.135307

19. Fontana delle Cascine, Florence, Italy
One day in October 1819, while walking in the public park of Le Cascine, Shelley was caught in a storm and took refuge at a pyramidal fountain called the Fonte di Narciso, where he was inspired to write Ode to the West Wind.,11.218836&z=20&pll=43.781463,11.218812

20. Targa A Manfredo Fanti Da Carpi, Florence, Italy
In October 1819, the Shelleys moved into a Pensione in Palazzo Marini. Here, he wrote "Ode to the West Wind" and finished Prometheus Unbound.,11.249929&z=18&pll=43.778485,11.248624

21. Venezia, San Lazzaro degli Arm - Venice, Italy
Byron would in fact be conveyed every day by gondola to San Lazzaro, where he often remained in the convent from morning until evening, moving from the library, where he studied Armenian,12.360137&z=17&pll=45.411979,12.361422

22. Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
Collection of Byron's Manfred manuscript,-73.981183&z=17&pll=40.748799,-73.981242

23. Christchurch Priory at Dorset
Statue of Percy and Mary Shelley,-1.77446&z=17

24. Childe Harold: Mausoleo de Cecilia Metella
Perseus rescuing Andromeda,12.520971&z=18&pll=41.852186,12.520792

25. Globe CERN,6.054617&z=17&pll=46.233999,6.055757

26. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France,-1.674961&z=17&pll=48.109824,-1.67500

27. Mary Shelley's Remains (and surrounding portals at St Peter's Churchyard, Bournemouth, Dorset, England

28. Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial--Saranac Lake, NY
Where he and his wife spent the winter of 1887,-74.12624&z=1

29. The Book of Robert Louis Stevenson - Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, St. Helena, USA
Honeymoon with his wife at a derelict mining camp,-122.606622&z=17&pll=38.653447,-122.604208

30. Skerryvore and Stone Sculpture, Robert Louis Stevenson Chine Bridge - Bournemouth, England
where he had his home when writing J&H.,-1.903991&z=18,-1.902468&z=18&pll=50.717371,-1.902169

31. Robert Louis Stevenson Suspension Bridge - Bournemouth, England
where he had his home when writing J&H.,-1.898841&z=18

32. Robert Louis Stevenson, San Francisco
where he stayed,-122.407163&z=17&pll=37.790446,-122.40736

33. Robert Louis Stevenson House, Monterrey
where he stayed,-121.893261&z=17&pll=36.597308,-121.893342

34. Edgar Allan Poe Museum, Richmond, USA,-77.425866&z=19

35. Edgar Allan Poe House, Richmond, USA,-76.633071&z=19

36. Killam Memorial Library, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
Rudyard Kipling's collection,-63.590708&z=18&pll=44.637153,-63.590689 ----------------------------------------------------------
Previous Listings (May need to be revisited because the media drop release may be staggered.)
1. A statue of the Ancient Mariner with the albatross hung from his neck at Watchet Harbour, Somerset, England,-3.32913&z=17&pll=51.182455,-3.330115

2. Coleridge Cottage,  Somerset, UK.,-3.157926&z=17&pll=51.152151,-3.157775 51°09'07.9"N 3°09'28.4"W

3. Bishopsgate (Surrey, UK), on the edge of Windsor Great Park
51°25'59.2"N 0°35'35.5"W

4. Sculpture of Mephistopheles bewitching the students in the scene "Auerbachs Keller"' from Faust at the entrance of today's pub Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig, Germany

List Based on John Milton and Charles Diodati

1. Possibly the school where they became friends

2. The place where Diodati was buried?,-0.132376&z=18

3. Trinity College, where Diodati studied,-1.256313&z=17&pll=51.754572,-1.256021

4. Where the two Greek letters to Milton are preserved.,-0.126957&z=17&pll=51.518575,-0.125932

5. Breadstreet (birth place of Milton),-0.09481&z=17&pll=51.513923,-0.094488

5. Christ's College, Cambridge (Miltion's college),0.122904&z=17&pll=52.205296,0.121927

6. John Milton's home at Berkyn Manor,-0.532652&z=17&pll=51.472091,-0.535809

7. Trinity College, Cambridge (Trinity Manuscript),0.113007&z=17&pll=52.206433,0.116665

8. Burial at St Giles Cripplegate, Fore Street, London,-0.093847&z=17&pll=51.518698,-0.093867

9. Academia della Crusca,11.229457&z=17&pll=43.820845,11.225978

10. English College, Rome,12.469512&z=19&pll=41.895563,12.469959

11. Florentine Academy,11.249662&z=17&pll=43.807895,11.250297

12. Leaning Tower of Pisa,10.396597&z=17&pll=43.722987,10.396627

13. Louvre,2.335651&z=17&pll=48.861327,2.334595

14. Notre Dame,2.349902&z=17&pll=48.853276,2.349067

15. Hotel Astoria (Accademia degli Svogliati),11.253141&z=18&pll=43.774124,11.251575


+Hank Johnson​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, agents in Germany found the fourth breadcrumb at Burg Frankenstein. Hope this helps.

Thanks to +Thomas Nitsche​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ for making this possible.

+flint dille​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +Edgar Allan Wright​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +John Hanke​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +Joe Philley​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +Brian Rose​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ +H. Richard Loeb​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 
Hank's Breadcrumbs
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