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So far this is what I got for a good shared Circle.
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Thanks Linda, so glad like minds can be found here on G+....I really wish i could do something in my home town to educate and assist the people, just like this. Social Assistance Organization. Thank you for all the plus 1's !!
Thanks +Euro Maestro , you got to be one of the BEST friends anyone could have on have no idea how strongly i feel about this.
Thanks +matt vovakiss very kind of you to say that. There is a comment on my share. Maybe you can answer his question.
I would be delighted to be included in a #politics circle as a #UK #politician I do indulge in a little politics from time to time... ::Grin:: may I also suggest editing the post to include the tags: #topcircles #publiccircles #sharedcircles #politicscircle #politics
Oh Jeez +Michael Beckett , I was being very random here, I did put my favorite "lefties" in there...but mainly made of people who; 1. follow me back, 2. comment and/or plus my posts.
I really have to organize more...your close to being in there tho.
+Euro Maestro I am a Liberal Democrat, in a constituency with a Tory MP, Tory County Council and Tory District Council. We constructively oppose the #Tories locally and constrain them nationally through #coalition , which to my mind was #Hobsons choice following the General Election. As it costs at least £20k to defend a Parliamentary seat and there are over 600 of them having used up their overdrafts Labour and Lib Dems were spent out after the last election. Labour having mismanaged the economy 'An end to boom and bust' we would have had a Tory majority govt as night follows day. As if we had not done a Coalition we would have had a general election within 6-9 months of the last, with the Tories blaming us for not engaging and with them and with Labour and Liberal Democrats both without resources to defend their seats let alone target new ones a landslide would have occurred to the Tories.
No problem +Armando Lioss , I almost got the circle up to 200...I will(maybe) remove the entertainers this time...a few more days. Your are welcome and Thank you for the same!
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